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Felipe is 8 years old and was born in Paz de Ariporo where he lives with his aunt and uncle. Felipe's parents decided to send him to live with his relatives to ensure that he could attend to school at the urban area. His aunt stays at home and her husband works is a driver. To support Felipe, Felipe's father works in a small farm and his mother stays at home and sells homemade bread. They send money to Felipe's aunt so she can pay for his education and food.

Felipe enjoys being involved in his community. He is part of the worship group of his church, plays soccer, and has been learning to play the drums. He hopes that in the future, he could be come a lawyer.


  • Letter from Colombia

    Dear sponsors, I send my warm greetings to you and ask that God protect you always. I am very grateful that God has placed this opportunity in my life. I am playing soccer for a team called "los criollos." I have played in two championships and I have scored three goals. I still attend the Emanuel Congregation. I have done very well in my studies, always believing that God is at my side, protecting me and blessing me. I hope you will come very soon so that you might enjoy this wonderful place that is blessed by God. I want to wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017. I hope you are very happy with your family and that you have continuous prosperity this year. With Christ's love, I'll say goodbye to you now. Felipe Arias [img]/images/user/24362_6203234517665301400.png[/img] *Translated by Brent Harlow
  • Letter from Colombia!

    Dear sponsors, I am writing you this letter to wish you a happy new year. My holidays were really fun. I went to our house in the country and also to Bogota on New Year's Eve to welcome in the New Year with my parents and my brother. I want to thank you for the help you have given me this year. I have continued to study at Colegio Celco and I have done really well. I take English classes on Saturdays from 1pm to 5pm. During the rest of my free time, I go on bike rides with the other children in my neighborhood, watch television or play on the computer. On Saturday mornings, I also go to classes at my church, and I attend services on Wednesday and Sunday mornings. On Fridays, the worship group which I attend has rehearsals. First we have the choreography rehearsal, then the devotional and then we rehearse for the Sunday service. May God bless you always. Yours, Felipe Arias [img]/images/user/24362_4586333212085300792.png[/img] *Translated by Claire Neilly
  • School Report

    [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]On Felipe's school report, teachers have commented that he [/font]accepts responsibility and fulfills commitments, has a thorough understanding of class concepts, and participates actively in class discussions. [img]/images/user/24362_3242239205987363698.png[/img]