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Eva was born in Othaya district to a single mother. In addition to caring for her children, her mother was the primary caregiver for her sister, who was living with HIV. One day, on a trip to visit her sister who was in the hospital being treated for an opportunistic infection, Eva’s mother arrived to find that her sister had passed away in the evening. This caused her to faint and go into shock, and subsequently die herself. This left Eva and her older brother Eric (also listed on Givology!) with no family to support them.

Francis, the director of Baraka Children's Centre, heard the story of Eric and Eva, and agreed to take them in. Since arriving at the centre, they have been able to take advantage of many newfound opportunities.

Eva is a very strong student, and is always first in her class! Her favorite subject in school is English, and she has a positive attitude about life. Others describe her as very bright and with an undefeatable attitude! She has found a real family at Baraka Children's Centre, and uses Francis’ last name as her own on school assignments.


  • Evahline's Letter!

    Evahline wants to become a doctor. Help her get there !