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Benson and his older brother were abandoned in 2006. Locked in an apartment for several days, the boys were discovered by concerned neighbors who found them alone. Benson's brother has died from the neglect. Benson was taken by Kamau, his 84-year-old neighbor, to the hospital for treatment. When it was time for Benson to be released, there was no one but Kamau to take him in. Kamau cared for Benson to the best of his ability for well over a year. But when Benson came to FKKCC, he was severely malnourished and needed immediate medical attention, as he is HIV positive.

After just a few months at FKKCC Benson was already making huge strides; he gained weight thanks to the ARV medication, he jumped right into his school work, and started learning how to ride a bike. In order to remain healthy, Benson needs a great deal of care and attention, a nutritious and balanced diet, and needs to follow a strict schedule of medication.


  • Benson sends us an Update!

    Benson recently sent us a letter and picture, telling us how he spent his Easter!
  • Letter from Benson

  • Update from Benson - Nov 2010

    We recently received an update from Benson and Flying Kites. Benson also drew a picture for us to post! Please continue to message back to show your continued support! "Benson continues to treat all visitors like jungle gym equipment and of late, he has taken to inventing new languages and impersonating animals. Everyday he seems to grow less and less shy, and unveils more of his acting abilities. Benson’s curiosity is such that when he focuses in on something that intrigues him, the rest of the world completely disappears."
  • Benson's puppies

    One of Benson's supporters kindly pointed out that we forgot to attach the photo of Benson with his puppies, mentioned in the most recent update from Flying Kites. Here it is!
  • Update from Benson!


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