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  • Oxford's International Festivities

    So what can two girls, both under 5'4, with limited experience cooking for crowds, piles of homework and an early deadline, accomplish? Turns out, quite a bit! The Oxford University International Festival was held today, from 10am to 4pm, in the formidable Exam Schools building, with the goal of show-casing the variety of cultures that exist at the university. I'm happy to report that Givology was featured prominently as the only charity, not only with a cultural stall but a food one as well. We decided it would be best to focus on one of our projects, to give people an example of what we do and how we do it, and as such we decided to raise awareness about the Circle of Peace school in Uganda, and its expansion project. The roughly one thousand people that attended were given a flavour of traditional Ugandan cuisine to support the Peace School, thanks to Joyce's truly incredible dedication in the kitchen, beginning last night and continuing early this morning. (I've ...