• UNICEF Report Reemphasizes Need for Education

    The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) released it's 2011 State of the World's Children report. Read the full report here . Regarding education, half of the world's 1.2 billion adolescents are not able to attend secondary school. Also, only 12 percent (144 million) adolescents live in developed nations. In addition, where secondary schooling is available, "primary schools tend to be of higher quality." According to the report, education's underlying goal in disadvantaged children is "to grant them the opportunity to gain the skills to make a decent living, and the knowledge they need to protect themselves and realize their rights." Givology's own core and foundation commit to reach to complete those goals by financing educational opportunities abroad with donations. With its three years in operation, Givology has helped more and more children every year, and we have taken our benefactors along for the full journey, updating them with ...
  • Support Amy!

    Amy Chang is running the Anthem Half Marathon in Virgina Beach on March 20. Through Crowdrise , she is trying to raise $1000 on behalf of Givology. "I just wanted to push myself to push my limits, and have that feeling towards working to something," she said. Amy said she has been sending out e-mails to friends and relatives for donations. To donate for Amy's cause, click here . "Empowerment of education is something that I really feel strongly for. And I think that with education you open so many doors and opportunities. For (Givology) to have so many doors that revolve around that, I think it’s really good," Amy said. To date, she has raised $122 so far and has 29 days left to raise money.
  • re:re:Vote for the Givology Video Contest Winner

    Entry #2. It is well directed with students giving a face to the message.