• Who Knew Fundraising Could Be So Easy?

    Think about all the times you've opened up a new tab on Google, Bing, or MSN to search for something. In June 2009, approximately 304 million searches were conducted daily on Google's search engine alone. Now imagine if, for every search, 1 cent was donated to a non profit you choose. Thats exactly what Goodsearch, a search engine powered by Yahoo, does. To fundraise for Givology, all you have to do is go to . Type in 'Givology' in the Who Do You Goodsearch For box. After clicking verify, you can see how much money has been donated to Givology so far. Every entry you type in will yield one cent for Givology. You can imagine how much money will pour in for us when many people start using this search engine. But the good feelings don't just stop there. Goodsearch also features GoodShop, an online buying tool that donates anywhere from 25% to 35% of the cost to Givology. GoodShop features pretty much every store you can think of, including Barnes ...