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    For many, a raw food diet has been a path to body [url=]Anamax [/url]cleansing, more energy and feeling younger and more vibrant. By incorporating a raw food diet into your eating plan, you can also kick start a sluggish metabolism. March 2006 Matthew Winkler, whose Church of Christ congregation knew him as a pious preacher and a loving father and husband, was found shot dead in the bedroom of his home in Selmer, Tenn. Police searched for his wife, Mary and the couple's three daughters, finally locating them in Alabama. Ms. Winkler confessed to killing her husband, alleging that he inflicted severe mental and physical abuse on her, and that she was worried for the safety of their children. In 2007 she was convicted of voluntary manslaughter, confined to a mental Men Health for treatment and freed after 67 days. In this two-hour report she speaks with Keith Morrison about what drove her to kill. The Bender Men Health Ball The ...