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Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Zhao, Yafu and I am a student at Class 140 from Zhanhe Middle School. My family live in Wanhe Village and there are six members in my family - my grandparents, my parents, my younger sister and I. The sole source of income for my family is from my dad working odd jobs outside the village and some of the crops we planted. My mom is the only one at home taking care of all other family members. My dad works far away from home for the majority of the year and is not able to come back even for holidays or Chinese New Year. Both my grandparents suffer from rheumatism and their pain worsens whenever the weather is cold.

I often have the urge to go out to work to support my family. However my dad would always say :”As long as you and your sister study hard, all my hard work will pay off.” The living expense for me and my sister including the school fees is a big sum for my family. In addition, my mom has guts illness and needs to take medicine frequently. Therefore my dad does not only need provide for my sister and me, but also the medical expenses for my mom and grandparents.

Though our family condition is very difficult, my dad always encourages my sister and me :”You two should try your best to study hard. Education is the only way out. Without education like me, you can only do labor work and no one will show you respect. You two will go to high school and college and have a better life than you mom and me. All of our hard work will be worthwhile if you get into high school or college. No pain, no gain.” To get into a high school therefore is the main goal in my life currently.

English and Math are two main subjects that I am weak at. In order to get into high school, I have to work very hard at these two subjects to live up to my parents’ expectations. I have been working to improve my English every day. I know studying hard and education is the only way for me to get out of this mountainous area and to pursue a better life for myself and my parents. So my parents can relax a bit and have a more stable and happy life in their older age. My biggest fear is that I will not do well in school even after trying hard so to disappoint my parents. However no matter I will give my very best.


Zhao, Yafu

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