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My parents are both farmers and our family does not have a very stable source of income while having to support our family of 6.


  • Hello Givology community! - Zhao Ya Fu

    Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Zhao, Yafu and I am a student at Class 140 from Zhanhe Middle School. My family live in Wanhe Village and there are six members in my family - my grandparents, my parents, my younger sister and I. The sole source of income for my family is from my dad working odd jobs outside the village and some of the crops we planted. My mom is the only one at home taking care of all other family members. My dad works far away from home for the majority of the year and is not able to come back even for holidays or Chinese New Year. Both my grandparents suffer from rheumatism and their pain worsens whenever the weather is cold. I often have the urge to go out to work to support my family. However my dad would always say :”As long as you and your sister study hard, all my hard work will pay off.” The living expense for me and my sister including the school fees is a big sum for my family. In addition, my mom has guts illness and needs to take medicine frequently. There...