ShiMing Zhao's Blog

An Introduction

Hello! I am Zhao Shi Ming, a normal student living in a poor village in a rural community.
I began my education when I was eight. In the fourth grade, I got keratitis, or the inflammation of the cornea, which caused my eyes to be swollen red. For me, my father rushed everywhere to look for a cure; I would often see him come home with a worried glance towards me. Finally, he heard of a doctor who had experience with keratitis. After four months of treatment, I was finally better.
When I went back to school, I had to repeat the fourth grade. However, there were still misfortunes to come. When I was fourteen, I shattered my wrist in PE class. My parents rushed over to the hospital, where I was then in surgery. When my father faced the bill, I knew that he was struggling with his emotions as he forced a smile, and he felt suffocated by the price of the operation.
Now, I am in the eight grade, but I still remember what my father told me: "Since life is full of harshness, we must accept and adapt to it, in order to best overcome it". Indeed, with a closed door there will be an open window, only the path through which may be even more winding and tortuous.
Now I face another challenge: entrance exams, which will determine which high school I can attend. However, I believe that with the loving support of my family and friends, I will be able to overcome.

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