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Update from Zhiqing

Zhiqing recently wrote us this heartfelt, reflective letter. As you can see, he is somewhat concerned about his prospects post-high school. Please continue to message him - your thoughts and demonstrations of support can make a huge difference in motivating our students.


Dear Givology,

I was very happy to receive warm encouragement from you.

Thank you for your support, I am very thankful I can continue studying in high school, thank you for giving me this opportunity.

My studies have become increasingly stressful. Next semester will bring upon the intense studying needed to prepare for my last year in high school. What scares me more is that once I am done with high school, I will be at a loss of what to do next.

I still feel very conflicted about my future. I know I want to be strong and independent, and regardless of the matter, I will always set high standards for myself. But reality is often a merciless blow. Oftentimes our ideals and reality are too mismatched.

I want to take the path of education to change my life. I really don’t want to turn around and do the same things my parents’ generation did. I hold steady to the idea of using education to sharpen myself, but there are many factors that constrain me. I am currently in my second to last year of high school, I will prepare heavily for the college entrance exams. I have had my failures and glorious triumphs, but the most important college entrance exam still gives me a sense of fear of which I can't seem to rid myself. So many years of diligent studying all rely on the swift moments that go by during the college entrance exam. Seeing so many of the past upperclassmen face the entrance exam, there were those disappointed and those excited.

After my exposure to the Peach Foundation, my heart became filled with fire-like passion and enthusiasm. I am a lucky child, there are so many people who care and have showered me with their love. I have alot of support, whenever I am troubled with difficult situations or grief, I have never thought of giving up. I simply choose to face it bravely. I turn tears into motivation and hide my pain. I am very happy to be able to exchange letters with you and tell you about my experiences growing up.

As I am writing this letter, our monthly grades are about to be announced! In the life of a high schooler, there is glory, there is gloom, and there is also sometimes disappointment. There are also times that are so happy that we turn ourselves into gluttons.

In my class, I have many partners in learning. Sometimes when we study together, we will loudly discuss the topics, find humor in completing our class assignments, and sometimes be competitive with each other. There are times of emotional disappointment as well as emotional fulfillment. With the support of friends, the good times and the bad times pass.

I have made a lot of really close friends, and have also met people that I really admire, and I have also met some people that I dislike. In all, my life has been filled with sentiments. And I have slowly changed as well, no longer as ignorant as I was before.

Thank you to all the kind people who have helped me. May those who are kind to others have a blessed life.

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