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Update from Zhiqing

Dearest Uncles and Aunts,

I am a student at YanYuan Minority High School, wishing you happiness and health!

I am very grateful for all your caring about me, helping me, and supporting me. Also on my father's behalf, I thank all of you. Because of this support you've filled my life with joy and light!

Ever since arriving at the High School, where I am a freshman in the Third Class, I've gotten along well with all the students. I believe that YanYuan is filled with loveable students and warm-hearted teachers!

I love exercising such as running, ping pong, or hiking outside of class, but there are times where I am accompanied by feelings of loneliness.

Regarding my studies, my favorite subjects are chemistry, physics, and especially physical education because I love moving about. I have some weak points and bad habits regarding my studies, but I am still working my hardest to do better. I've discovered that I have some major ups and downs.

Since time is tight and studies are busy, there is little time for extracurriculars. I still keep many interests such as exercise, dance--which I'm very passionate about, my studies, and phenomenons of physics. I think electricity is incredibly interesting and when I go home, I make my own observations and experiments.

My teachers and classmates treat me well, make me very happy, and help share my sorrows. We all share a "parent" sibling kind of relationship. There is no teacher or classmate I'm not happy with, they all have their own personalities and strong points. I often try to learn from what's best about them to better myself.

Thank you so much for your concern for my family. They're all very well with no major problems, but times are till very difficult for the family. Next semester my little brother will be going to middle school, meaning more pressures for my father to bear. My brother's grades are also very good and I hope that he can also gain support from the Peach Foundation so that he can better his future. I worry that my brother will feel influenced by our family situation and therefore not advance himself.

My dream is to become a doctor. After I graduate, I wish to pursue and fight for that dream for myself.

Zhiqing Lv

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