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I was born on the 7th of April 1999, and from the day of my birth I grew up in my hometown. When I was four, five years old I was just like any other innocent and mischievous child who only knew how to play and nothing of the toil of my parents  just that they left early, and came home late.

At six years old I entered preschool and embarked upon my student career. I went from barely knowing what d - o - e meant to encountering the pure joy that came from learning new things; I went from that innocent and mischievous child to one who could be considerate and understanding. And so I learned a lot. I learned the art of forgiveness, I learned how to be strong, I learned how to quietly care for others...

In primary school, with my friends and classmates, I liked to forage for mushrooms, to chop wood, and to play hide and seek. I also liked fishing with my dad and my mom, and often I helped them with chores at home. Every morning, after Id gotten out of bed and eaten breakfast, I started upon the three kilometer road to school. Because the road was long, I liked to memorise book passages while walking, and always felt like reading made the road shorter, let me get to school faster. If it was summer, the dew on the road would soak through my shoes, and so I would have to bring an extra pair to school. And when it was winter, my small hands would inevitably be frozen patchy: red in some places, purple in others, and painful.

Im primary school, the teacher would often have us do farm work. Like going up into the mountains to collect firewood, like looking for animal droppings in the mountains. The school had its own piece of farmland, and in order to make sure we ate fresh, healthy vegetables, every day the teacher would let us help plant them in the field, water them, etc. This way we got not only fresh vegetables but also exercise. Similarly, I helped my parents with farm work at home: when it was walnut picking season, as a family we would wake up at five in the morning for weeks on end to collect walnuts, and afterwards we would rest from nine to ten at night. It was hard work, but it was good work.

Very quickly, primary six passed in the blink of an eye. My middle school was twenty kilometers from my house, and every time I went to school it would take two hours to walk home, an hour by car. So after I started middle school I began spending more and more time in school, and by the third year I was only going home every two weeks, and then only for a day and a half. The time I spent helping out at home, too, grew shorter and shorter.

In middle school, there were three new courses, teaching both things that Id learned before as well as things that I hadnt, and so I spent longer and longer reading, revising. Sometimes I would also go to the library to borrow books for outside reading, to expand my knowledge.

In P.E. class I often played basketball with my classmates. Doing sports was one of my many hobbies: each time I returned home I would go hiking, and upon reaching the top I would always receive a special feeling of happiness and warmth. In primary school, I often participated in the 800m races the town organised, and even though I never won anything, I felt a sense of encouragement and renewed motivation every time. Upon entering middle school, during the annual winter sports festivals the school organised, I ran in every single running race and brought my class a little bit of glory, too, on the side. Apart from sports and races, I also enjoy writing in my spare time about my experiences in life, especially those that relate to my personal history. This way, I get to grow as a person at the same time as I get to improve my writing.
My dreams are not very big nor impressive, but neither are they very small. I have wanted to become a doctor since I was very young. As a doctor, I would be able to let more people enjoy the comforts of a healthy body, let the people in the mountains no longer be punished by sickness, let all the children like me grow up healthy and strong, to go on and make their dreams come true.

I believe that in the future I will continue to improve and grow, to fight and work for my goals! I want to let my mother and father live better lives, let my own hometown be a better one, let all the people who have believed in and encouraged me to be satisfied with me, and to nod their heads in approval!

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