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Most NFL players retire after they hit their 30s [b][url=http://www.cardinalsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-kyler-murray-jersey]Kyler Murray Jersey[/url][/b] , but there are going to be some players that decide they want to end their football career early. This happens for a multitude of reasons depending on the players' situations, but with injuries becoming more common and the money not being worth the chance of getting long-term health problems, more players are retiring before they suffer any real damage to their bodies in their career.But it isn’t just injuries, as each player has their own story. We have seen some stars like Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson retire fairly early [b][url=http://www.cardinalsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-byron-murphy-jersey]http://www.cardinalsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-byron-murphy-jersey[/url][/b] , and they are some of the best football players to play the game. While some players may be expected because of their situation, some of the retirements may come a shock to fans.With the NFL having so much talent, there are going to be a good number of players who retire before they are 30. And with many teams believing a player is “old” when they hit 30, it might happen a lot more often than fans may want. Unfortunately [b][url=http://www.cardinalsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-andy-isabella-jersey]Andy Isabella Jersey[/url][/b] , teams want the youngest, most athletic guys on the field, regardless of a player’s past. While rookie seasons in the NFL can serve as a reasonable indicator of the skills a player has, it shouldn't define their career. It's far too small a sample size in a league that only plays a 16-game season. There are a variety of reasons why certain rookies may thrive or underperform [b][url=http://www.panthersfootballauthentic.com/brian-burns-jersey-authentic]Brian Burns Jersey[/url][/b] , and they all need to be taken into account when evaluating these young players. The league has a ton of talent going into their sophomore year in 2017, and there's a lot riding on it for them. For many, it's a make-or-break season in their career.Still, even players who are destined for good careers can hit a wall and suffer a sophomore slump after a good rookie campaign. It really all depends on the player and the situation. Circumstance matters more than anything in a league like the NFL [b][url=http://www.panthersfootballauthentic.com/greg-little-jersey-authentic]http://www.panthersfootballauthentic.com/greg-little-jersey-authentic[/url][/b] , and some young players benefit from it, while others have their careers destroyed because of it. Let's take a look at some NFL players looking to take the next step from their rookie season.Ranked below are 8 second-year NFL players who will take it to the next level, and 7 who will suffer a sophomore slump.

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