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Malcolm Jenkins receives Key to The City of Camden for his community efforts

Here’s a look at the Eagles safety receiving his well-deserved recognition for the incredible work he does throughout the community.The Eagles have some really great people on their roster [b][url=http://www.authenticsphiladelphiaeagles.com/cheap-derek-barnett-jersey]Youth Derek Barnett Jersey[/url][/b] , including safety Malcolm Jenkins. From his commitment to social injustice and criminal justice reform, to delivering backpacks and new football cleats to local kids, Jenkins walks the walk and he’s now being honored with the Key to The City of Camden.Jenkins will receive the Key from Mayor Frank Moran and City Council members, as they celebrate his “community efforts to support youth and the underserved” through The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation.His foundation, alongside several other local community partners, hosted “Get Ready Fest” at the Antioch Baptist Church in Camden earlier this year [b][url=http://www.authenticsphiladelphiaeagles.com/cheap-destiny-vaeao-jersey]Color Rush Destiny Vaeao Jersey[/url][/b] , and it was huge success. The event provided 35-plus pounds of food and essential items — including health and wellness products — to hundreds (hundreds!!) of pre-identified families.Each family left the event with enough food to feed a family of four for a week, while also having some much-needed access to medical services, like blood pressure screenings, and testing for cholesterol issues, diabetes and access to basic dental and eye checks. Jenkins has an eagle-eye view of what people in the community need, and beyond the basic necessities of food and health care [b][url=http://www.authenticsphiladelphiaeagles.com/cheap-corey-graham-jersey]Color Rush Corey Graham Jersey[/url][/b] , “Get Ready Fest” already provided GED and job training to attendees, as well as access to senior, veteran and youth services. [img]http://www.thetrippers.com/public/album_photo/a6/17/0ebe60dfb9c42853e7ab8751c164567f.jpg[/img]Eagles coach Doug Pederson has become a trendsetter when it comes to going for it on fourth down. As more and more coaches follow Pederson’s lead by rolling the dice in key spots, Pederson spent a little time explaining to PFT after Sunday’s come-from-16-behind win over the Giants his method for deciding whether to go for it.“I think what you’re seeing is a mix of gut feeling, a little analytics, and trusting the players [b][url=http://www.authenticsphiladelphiaeagles.com/cheap-rodney-mcleod-jersey]http://www.authenticsphiladelphiaeagles.com/cheap-rodney-mcleod-jersey[/url][/b] ,” Pederson said.Pederson also said that he spends plenty of time rehearsing the scenarios during which a go-for-it-or-not decision is being made. He thinks about it not only when formally preparing for the next Eagles game but also when watching other games, including NFL games and college games.“You’re watching situations and testing yourself,” Pederson said. “It’s constant study.”Some decisions to go for it are made prior to the game, with Pederson telling the players that, if they get in a specific situation during the game, they’ll go for it. Other decisions are made in the moment.When it’s time to make those decisions in the moment [b][url=http://www.authenticsphiladelphiaeagles.com/cheap-deandre-carter-jersey]Youth DeAndre Carter Jersey[/url][/b] , Pederson can instantly draw upon a reservoir of research and thinking and repetition from moments when other coaches found themselves having to decide whether to take a chance, recalling his own assessment of what he would have done in those various specific circumstances.That’s something every coach should be doing, up to and including playing Madden in the offseason (I’m not kidding) to force themselves to consider whether to go for it under as many specific scenarios as possible. No coach has admitted that he uses that type of simulation, but it seems like it’s only a matter of time before someone does.

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