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10 wide receiver options for the Philadelphia Eagles

As it currently stands [b][url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/jay-ajayi-jersey-authentic]Youth Jay Ajayi Jersey[/url][/b] , the Eagles are without three of their top four receivers; Alshon Jeffery, Mike Wallace, and Mack Hollins are all injured. Jeffery’s return is on the horizon, though it’s unclear if he’ll be ready for Week 3. Wallace, meanwhile, suffered a “potentially season-ending” ankle injury on Sunday. Hollins isn’t eligible to return from injured reserve until after Week 8 at the earliest. It’s clear the Eagles need help at the receiver position. The team can’t just trot out 29-year-old journeyman Kamar Aiken for 64 snaps on a weekly basis and expected to win. Shelton Gibson and DeAndre Carter don’t appear to be viable full-time players, either.So, what should the Eagles do? Let’s examine their options.TRADEJOSH GORDON - I already wrote a bunch of words on the cases both for and against pursuing Gordon. Since I wrote that post, however, the Eagles’ receiver outlook got even worse. Flash makes a lot of sense for what the Eagles need in the field-stretching department right now. I still think Gordon is unreliable, and the price to acquire him needs to account for that, but it could be worth a shot. Unfortunately his hamstring injury adds another layer of uncertainty to the situation. (Hey, remember when the Eagles reportedly turned down a Browns offer of Gordon for Nick Foles back in 2013?)DEVANTE PARKER - Parker was a surprise scratch for the Dolphins’ Sunday game against the Jets. The 2015 first-round pick has been dealing with a broken finger but he said he felt he was healthy enough to play. Perhaps Adam Gase has soured on Parker not unlike he did with Jay Ajayi last year. Howie Roseman should call up Mike Tannenbaum to check up on the situation. Parker, 25, has 139 career receptions for 1 [b][url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/destiny-vaeao-jersey-authentic]Youth Destiny Vaeao Jersey[/url][/b] ,908 yards (13.7 average) and eight touchdowns. FREE AGENTSDEZ BRYANT - A number of fans have been clamoring for the former Cowboys receiver. I’d be pretty surprised if the Eagles sign him, though. There are a number of issues here. First, Bryant probably wants more money than the Eagles are willing to offer. Bryant reportedly turned down deals in the $6 million per year range earlier this offseason. Second, I don’t think the Eagles are eager to add Bryant to their locker room dynamic. Third, are we even sure Bryant is that good anymore? He averaged a career-low 12.1 yards per reception in 2017, though a timid Dak Prescott certainly wasn’t doing him favors in that regard. It is worth noting that the Eagles employ Bryant’s college position coach, Gunter Brewer. Ultimately, I think the Eagles don’t go with Dez. JEREMY MACLIN - Here’s a familiar name. The Eagles’ 2009 first-round pick, now 30 years old, is still on the market. The problem is that he suffered a hamstring injury while working out earlier this month. Maybe he’s healthy by now. Although his production has sharply declined in recent years, I could see the Eagles have interest in Maclin. Philadelphia reportedly made an effort to sign him last offseason before he ultimately chose to go to the Ravens instead. Maclin obviously has familiarity with Doug Pederson’s offense, which isplus.KENNY BRITT - There’s a connection to Philadelphia here given that Eagles offensive coordinator Mike Groh was Britt’s receiver coach when he had a career year with the Rams in 2016. It sounds like the Patriots have interest in re-signing Britt, though.JORDAN MATTHEWS - I don’t see this one happening. It’s unclear if JMatt is even healthy after suffering a hamstring tear last month. Plus he’s just not the kind of player this team needs right now. They need someone with deep speed, not another possession receiver. But Carson Wentz does love JMatt.KENDALL WRIGHT - Another slot receiver type. I don’t think that’s what the Eagles are looking for right now, unless they want to put Wright in the slot and move Agholor to the outside more often. BRESHAD PERRIMAN - The Eagles worked out the 2015 first-round pick last week. They chose to sign Aiken instead. Perriman is reportedly working out for Washington on Monday.SHANE WYNN - Another player the Eagles worked out last week. He’s pretty small at only 5-6 [b][url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/corey-clement-jersey-authentic]Womens Corey Clement Jersey[/url][/b] , 166 pounds.[img]http://www.thetrippers.com/public/album_photo/07/17/c998d61e2f18d03b1463850c92c74dfe.jpg[/img]PRACTICE SQUADBRAXTON MILLER — The Eagles signed Miller, 24, to their practice squad last week. Miller has some NFL experience since he’s played in 21 career games. But with only 34 receptions and 261 yards to his name, I’m not really sure the 2016 third-round pick offers the Eagles much of an upgrade over what they have now. Miller has theoretical upside, which isn’t nothing, but I don’t think adding him to the roster really moves the needle for the Eagles....VERDICTGordon is the highest upside play for the Eagles. There’s obviously risk there, but the Eagles are desperate right now. It’d be great if Howie Roseman can find a way to offer some kind of conditional draft pick based on how many games Gordon plays. With other teams potentially in the market for Gordon, though, the price might be too high. If that’s the case, Maclin could end up being the more realistic option for the Eagles here. Again, he knows the scheme and he fits the mold of the player they could use.What say you?Is Michael Bennett unhappy with his role on the Eagles? NBC color commentator Cris Collinsworth made a curious comment during the Philadelphia Eagles’ Week 1 game against the Atlanta Falcons. “Word is Michael Bennett is none too happy with being a backup,” Collinsworth said during the broadcast, via PhillyVoice. “Eight and a half sacks. He brings over three straight Pro Bowls. You can understand.”BGN alumnus Jimmy Kempski put together a post debunking Collinsworth’s claim. In addition to pointing out that Bennett played the third most snaps (and only one fewer snap than Brandon Graham) of any Eagles defensive lineman in Week 1, Kempski also added this note:So, matter resolved.Or not? Eagles reporter Ed Kracz noted Bennett looking unhappy during Philadelphia’s Week 2 game against the Buccaneers.As it turns out [b][url=http://www.eaglesfootballauthentics.com/corey-graham-jersey-authentic]Womens Corey Graham Jersey[/url][/b] , Bennett played 21 fewer snaps in Week 2 than he did in Week 1. Percentage-wise, he dropped from 64% to 41%. Going down to 41% is a big drop off from playing 84.7% of the Seahawks’ total defensive snaps in 2017. Of course, Bennett was never going to see that kind of playing time in Philadelphia. The Eagles heavily rotate their defensive linemen. The aforementioned Graham played the most snaps of any Eagles d-line member in 2017 and he was still only at 64.6%. Playing in a rotation could seemingly help keep Bennett, who turns 33 in November, more fresh over the course of the season. But even still he might not like the idea of playing much less often.If Bennett IS unhappy with his role, he’s not talking about it. Apparently he’s no longer talking to reporters at all.So, there’s that.Maybe this is all a non-issue. Even if Bennett isn’t satisfied with his playing time, he doesn’t have much of a choice to do anything about it. The Eagles are going to continue to rotate their players under Schwartz. And as long as Bennett continues to prove to be a valuable contributor to the Eagles’ defense, the team will live with his potentially disgruntled attitude. Still, this could be something to file away. It’s certainly fair to question Collinsworth’s source but something clearly motivated him to say what he said. NFL insider Adam Schefter didn’t downplay the notion Bennett could be unhappy....In other Michael Bennett news, his court date was pushed back once again.

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