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Letter from Yaoqin: May 2010

Below is a recent update from Yaoqin. Givology apologizes for the delay in posting the translation. Please message Yaoqin back to show your continued support and encourage her to keep trying hard in her English and math classes!

Dear Givology:


I’m Yaoqin Yang from Yulong County Nationalities High School. I’m only writing to you this late because I got your letter late. So first, I want to apologize for this - I hope you don't mind.

I was very pleased to receive your letter in this busy season. When I got this letter, we had just had a big test, and were about to have final exams. I felt lucky that I could hear from you when I was working so hard - it helped relieve some stress. When I saw the letter, I quickly became more alert, and I somehow became more motivated to study. At this moment, I just want to tell you that thank you for supporting and caring about me for such a long time. Thank you for your help and for making it possible for me to avoid dropping out. I won’t disappoint you!

Time flies. The first semester of junior year is coming to its end and second semester is coming. As time passes, we’re getting closer and closer to having to take the college entrance exams. Sometimes I wonder how I can continue my studies when I saw my low grades, especially those in English and Math. I feel like I have spent plenty of time on English. I read English articles every morning and do at least one practice reading everyday. However, my test scores still haven't improved. Maybe there’s something wrong with my study strategy, but I don’t know how I can improve. Thus, I'm having alot of trouble with English. And as for math, I don't have an especially logical mind or good spatial orientation, so it takes alot of effort for me to learn math. I’m okay with other subjects. The key to liberal arts is to recite and comprehend. It won’t be hard as long as you can understand the material. I've made lots of good friends in the past one and a half years, and I've also met many patient and dedicated teachers who have shown me a lot of sympathy. Whenever I run into problems, they always help me solve them without hesitating. They make me feel warn and comfortable.

My parents love us although they have to work hard for us and feel very tired. We have only one brother. He’s three years younger than me. He’s attending vocational high school because his test results didn't allow him to get into a regular high school. No matter how hard my parents have to work, they never tell us to give up school. Their only goal is to earn enough money to let us finish school. Then we can find good jobs and have better lives. They never blame us for how tired they are. In the past, they worked very hard to send us to school even without any help. Fortunately, I now have your help and support. They feel more confident that I can finish school. Your help is not only good for me but also for my parents. You have relieved a lot of their stress. So please allow me to thank you again for what you've done for my parents.

At home, I have my parents’ support. At school, I have teachers’ and classmates’ support. On top of that, I have your help from thousands of miles away. I’m so lucky, so I will study hard. I won’t let you or my parents down. I’m ready to strive for my future. I hope you can trust me!

Best wishes,

Yaoqin Yang

Feb. 3rd, 2010

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