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Translation of Yaoqin's Letter

After a short delay, we now have a translation of our most recent update from Yang Yaoqin! Please message her to show your continued support.


The Givology Translation Team


Dear Givology,

How are you! How has your health been? I hope your work has been going smoothly! How is your studying going?

I am very happy to have received your letters, and I am thankful for your selfless concern and care.

At the blink of an eye, a year has slipped by, and with your help and support, I have been able to successfully complete the first year of high school with my classmates and friends. Here, I thank you for your continuous care and support, and thank you for continuously giving me monetary aid towards my living expenses, allowing me to live happily like the other students at my school. I do not have to worry about living expenses and do not have to worry about whether or not I would go hungry. Your help was able to alleviate many of my and my parents’ burdens. Because of this, please allow me to wholeheartedly tell you thank you. Thank you for your continuous support.

Now I am a sophomore in high school, approaching college entrance exams. However, I don’t know why my studying and my exam grades are slipping. Every time the teacher lectures, I always earnestly pay attention and feel that I understand everything, however, whenever we have to solve problems, I don’t know where to begin, especially in math and English class. Truthfully, these two are my favorite subjects. Regardless of whether I am in class or outside of class, I have never given up on these two subjects. Even if I received a 40 or 50 on my exam, I will not waver but continue to do my best and study hard. But I don’t know if it is because my method of studying is wrong or is it because I am not working hard enough, I still cannot pull my grades up. Whenever I am upset after finding out that I have done poorly on an exam, my classmates and my good friends would always comfort me. Sometimes they would help me solve problems. Every time I encounter questions that I do not understand and seek help from them, they would teach me, causing me to feel that it is not too dull or boring. With the help from my teachers and them, I have more faith in my studies. With their help, I feel that my life at the school has been warm and happy.

Thank you for your concern towards my parents. This whole time, because you have sent me financial aid, many of my parents’ burdens have been lifted. My parents do not have to worry about what to do every day in order to gather enough money to pay the living expenses for my brother and me. Because of this, their minds have been able to relax. Mother has not been getting sick like the other years, just occasionally. Father is well, he doesn’t want our family to face other people’s mockery one day. Father thinks our family's humble lifestyle cannot compare with others, but our ability to provide is stronger than that of others. He does whatever it takes to rise early and return late and work in the fields. He wholeheartedly works for my brother and me, so that we can finish our education well, find a good job, and in the future, live a good life. He wishes for these things with all of his heart, and nothing else is important to him. Even if others mock that my family is poor, he doesn’t care, and doesn’t mind other people’s gossip.

For the purpose of getting admitted to college, for the purpose of obtaining a good life in the future, and with the hopes that my parents entrusted, I am studying very hard in school. I’m able to identify with my classmates and respect my teachers. I believe that with your support and help, I can make my dreams come true, and satisfactorily walk away from this school.

Lastly, I believe that before Christmas, you will receive this letter. I want to wish you Merry Christmas in advance!

Merry Christmas

Best Wishes!

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