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Respected Uncles and Aunts at Givology,

How are you?

I am sorry to bother you during your busy work schedules, but I am sure that however busy you are, you will still read my letter. From this letter, understand everything about me; listen to what resonates from my heart.

I am a student born in a poor, mountainous region. Here, transportation is difficult and the land distributed to farmers is also scarce, so the harvest at the end of every year is never good. As for my family, harvests are worse than most because of the early passing away of my grandfather and grandmother. My little brother and I both go to school – we are actually separated by one grade – so the burden at home is borne by just my mother and father. Although our family does not have very much land, the land we do have is very poor and planting is very difficult. We do not have farming machinery like other families, so for every single thing, we must rely on our hands. Outside of our hands, we cannot rely on anything else. Furthermore, my mother gets sick frequently. Once she gets sick, she is sick for many days, and she is unable to get better by just taking medicine. She must have several shots before she can get better. This has happened for so long, for so many years, that now she cannot do any heavy labor and she can only do some chores at home and light labor in the fields. You can say that the burdens of our household rest entirely upon the shoulders of my father. This year, I’ve become aware that things have become much more difficult for him because I’ve come to the city for high school. I don’t spend money like my classmates do, but no matter what, I must spend a little more than before, and besides, the bus fee is quite a bit more than it has been in previous years. My little brother is also beginning his second year of middle school – compared to the first year of middle school, the second year costs much more money. Therefore, over the last few years, our family expenses are indeed becoming bigger and bigger, yet our family’s income has not increased, and so our life at home has become increasingly plain. We are less and less able to catch up to the lifestyles of our neighbors or of those in the city. Sometimes, other people look down on our poverty.

But, no matter how other people see my family, my parents don’t care a bit – they still work hard so that we can go to school. They also always tell us two that as long as we do well in school, as long as we keep up with the other students, or even do better, they won’t give up, and no matter what difficulties or failures they meet with, they will not be afraid, as long as we both finish school. Therefore, I don’t think about doing anything at school except for studying. I wake up very early every morning to go to the classroom to study. On weekends, I don’t go anywhere – I just stay at school to study. Almost every day, every weekend, passes by this way. A few weeks ago, the school hosted a midterm examination. I don’t know what it was, but right before the test a very frightened feeling came over me. My test results, though, were not so bad – I placed in the teens, a little progress compared to last semester. My teacher also sympathizes deeply with me, and believes that I can continue to work and study hard. Because of the multitude of encouragement and guidance they have given me, I also have faith that I can study well. Although economically, I may not be better than other students, academically, I cannot let others surpass me, so I believe that I can continue to study, I can continue to work hard, - that way, I can have hope.

On the weekends, the teachers organize some activities to let the students pass the weekend happily. So I participate in the history society, computer activities, etc.. In the history society, the teacher has let us see many pictures related to history and spoken to us about historical questions. I think doing this is very enjoyable – not only is this an extracurricular activity, I learn from it as well; I think it is very interesting. It also allows me to pass the weekends in a relaxed and happy way.

Lastly, I wish you, Uncles and Aunts, good health. I hope work is smooth and that your homes are harmonious and happy.


July 10, 2009

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