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A Letter from Ying Wang

Below is a recent letter from Ying Wang. Please message her back to show your continued support!


Dear Uncles & Aunties:

How have you been recently? I’m so sorry that I haven't written until now - can you forgive me?

Do you know how excited I was when I received your letter at school? When I saw the Western Sunshine Foundation logo on the envelope, I knew the letter must be from you. It gave me a special feeling that's hard to explain in words. You can still remember us village kids even though you're so busy. It makes us feel so lucky. So here in this letter, I'd really like to thank you!

Actually, I was thinking about writing to you a long time ago. Anyway, let this letter bring you my best wishes from thousands of miles away. I’m full of hope, support, and courage because of you. I’ll live a good life.

Do you know? We’re so lucky - even though the earthquake in 2008 destroyed our homeland, aid from all over the country and the world has never stopped pouring in. The aid from people in Tianjin to us here in Ningqiang has made us feel really grateful and ready to rebuild our lives. At the beginning of the year, all 4,000 of our students and teachers moved to a new school building - the Ningqiang County Tianjin High School. The school is completely enclosed, and discipline is strict, but the environment is beautiful, and things are well-managed. The purpose of all of this is to make our lives as students more convenient. Sometimes I still can't believe we're studying and living here. Though conditions are better now, I won’t slack off and I’ll remember to study hard. We need to accomplish great things l in order to thank Tianjin and everyone who has helped us.

Do you know that there are buses in Ningqiang now? I think this is a great improvement. With everyone’s concern and support, Ningqiang has been improving steadily. Although we’re in a mountainous area, the tall mountains haven't blocked your love. I think that in the near future, many people will come to this area, because the mountains are so grand, the water is so clear, and the people here are so warmhearted. You should come here if you have time so that you can appreciate these sprouts that have been planted and raised on your love.

At school, our number one duty is to study. I know that knowledge will enrich me. Grade 11, Class 9 is a kind and warm class. I feel so happy studying in this class. I love every classmate - they are all so kindhearted, cheerful, and ambitious. I love every teacher, too. They are always friendly and dutiful. Everyone loves me and cares about me. I'm really lucky.

There was a spring sports competition held at our school around Tomb-sweeping Day. This is my favorite. Even though the life of a high school student is intense and fast-paced, developing into a well-rounded person is also important. It's not all about winning prizes, it's about what you gain in the process. Students show their good sportsmanship and spirit, creating their own legends. Our future is no longer a dream.

I'm very happy that this June, my younger sister will graduate from elementary school. She’ll become a middle school student. But I’m a little bit worried. One time, she told me something I would never forget. She said seriously “After finishing nine-year compulsory education, I’ll go to technical school and then earn money for my big sister and even for her college tuition.” I’m five years older than her, and I would have never imagined she was that mature. How can she be thinking like that? I have told her many times not to worry about my studies because people are concerned about us and helping us. I told her to study hard and that today, there is nothing knowledge can't do for you. With this type of little sister, I think I'm the luckiest big sister in the world. In a few days, it will be her 12th birthday. I don’t know what kind of gift I should give her? She is strong, she perseveres, she's optimistic and capable. At home, I’ll make the rice and then she’ll make the other food. With her work, our dinner table has alot more different dishes. She can make shredded potatoes, potato chips, or potato wedges with only a few potatoes. It makes everyone happy. I always think about her when I’m at school. Maybe she thinks about me too. Sometimes, I think my younger sister is alot more capable than me. My father worked in a mine to earn money. We didn’t approve that at the beginning, but after we confirmed it was safe we let him go. After that, only my younger sister and my grandmother stayed at home. Grandma is disabled, so my younger sister had to do all the housework and take care of Grandma. I feel bad for being away at school and leaving all the housework to my little sister. I hope I can grow up quickly and then help my dad and my sister. I hope my family is healthy, and that my sister can grow up happy. I just have lots of hopes and wishes.

The world is very large, but I’m not alone because I have your support! So many people care about me and encourage me. My classmates, my teachers, my dear grandmother, my dear dad, my dear sister, and everyone in my family love me. There’s no reason for me not to study hard. I’m so lucky and happy.

Thank you! Thank you so much! I won’t give up because of you. As long as I’m alive, I have no reason not to keep trying. I’m Ying Wang, so I must win! (The pronunciation of “Ying” is same as that of “win” in Chinese.)

I know I have a pair of invisible wings. Thank you for holding up my sky and letting me fly in it.

Ying Wang


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