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Update from Ying Wang!

Dear Uncle and Aunties,

Hello! I was genuinely grateful when I received your aid. I felt so lucky. I maybe live in the middle of nowhere, but I can still hear your voice; even though you’re thousands of miles away, I know that your care for me is real. My home town is less developed, but with your generous help and my hard work I believe I can change my fate. The flower of my life blooms because of you.

I can’t change the fact that I was born into an impoverished family, but I also believe that God helps those who help themselves and I will one day overcome all these difficulties. However, every time I think about my family who endures suffering and hardship yet still supports me unconditionally, all sorts of feelings well up in my heart and I have to force back my tears. I believe that crying is a waste of time and feelings. I have to look down upon all the obstacles to ease my family’s worries. The smiles on their faces when I tell them all my achievements in school always inspire me. In fact, I have to think about lots of encouraging things like this to keep me going.

Until one day, I finally cried when learnt that thousands of miles away there’re many people who care about me and I felt we were so incredibly close. I felt that maybe one day all these things I had been hoping for, once so out of reach, would actually come true. And I was also relieved that the burden on my dad’s shoulders would be substantially lightened.

My learning efficiency has been rather high for several months. I thirst for books, I thirst for learning, and I thirst for knowledge. However, you don’t have to worry, I won’t become a nerd. I’m not only interested in learning, but also pay attention to other things that’ll make me better prepared for society. I believe that one reaps no more than what one has sown. Long as I work hard enough, I will be successful one day. I’ve seen progress in the last couple months, but I know this is far from enough. I won’t slack off, and I will keep up the good work, because I can never let down you and my parents. A kid without umbrella has to run as fast as s/he can in the rain. You generously hand over an umbrella, which gives me a sense of security. But I won’t stop running, instead I will run faster and further. I believe the storm will eventually give way to the bright sunshine. Carrying your support and expectation, I’ll always be running with perseverance.

Though the budget is tight, I put money available to good use. I don’t eat snacks since regular meals are more nutritious than almost anything. A healthy body is the greatest asset I have, so I always take good care of my body. I work out regularly to keep fit. I won the spring sport competition of my school, thus I am going to attend the citywide sport competition, and I hope I can achieve more there. So, no need to worry about my health.

The other day, I received your RMB500 financial aid, which almost made me cry. This is such a huge world, but you pay attention to the little me in this almost unnoticeable corner. I was deeply moved and felt more energized to fight for my dreams. Thank you for your help. I no longer feel powerless or helpless; thank you for your love. I no longer feel all alone.

Uncles and Aunties, I can’t thank you enough. All I can do is to express my gratitude with my actions. Because of you, I’ll be always smiling. Again, thank you with all my heart!

Best Wishes,

Recipient of Love: Ying Wang

May 15th

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