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Thank you to my supporters

How are you?

I am so happy to have received your letter and your blessing. First of all, thank you very much for supporting and caring for me during these three years in high school. With your help, our financial pressure has been greatly reduced.

In the year when I graduated from middle school, I was lucky enough to join the Pei-Zhi Training Camp and became a member of this big family. I received your financial support from my first year in high school. It was like a ray of sunshine in my life and added warmth to my high school life. I really want to thank you for your warmth and care, but I didn’t know the donor was you, sister, in the past. I am very sorry. Only after receiving your letter, I can reply to you and thank you for helping me. Thank you for your caring of me.

The three years have passed very quickly. Gaokao will come in the next 37 days. Within these three years, I grew up a lot. I experienced a lot, and I learned life lessons. I look forward to my university life. I hope to further my improvement and develop myself, and I hope after graduation I can find a good job. I hope to be like you in the future, helping the people who are in need.

I’d like to say thanks again to you and your kindness care in my life. Best wish to you!

I wish you good health and good fortune!!
Peng Yinqiu (1556)
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