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My 2018 Update

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14062: Dear Givology/Ms. Joyce Meng:

Hello. I am one of your students, I am very thankful for your help. I come from a small countryside, and my family’s health isn’t great. Usually we use selling vegetables as our means of income and me and my sister’s tuition. However, since my grandma often uses the money to buy medicine, our family’s life is a bit bitter. Looking at all our family’s life pressures, economic pressures are all on their shoulders. Seeing how tired they are, I really want to help them, but I was not willing to sacrifice my studies. Thankfully, under your help, I saw hope, and went back to school to study.
In the blink of an eye, my college experience went by three years, and it was with your help that I was able to have the chance to have an exciting college life. It was impossible to use the advanced opportunities and outstanding study environment without you. At school, I will never forget that opportunities are not easy, I am very hardworking and got great grades. I also did some volunteer activities, and used my strength to help those in need.
At school, although I learned a lot, but you taught me more. I will use my strength to help others.
Thank you for helping us poor kids in our difficult times. You reached out a hand to help pull us out of our hardships, warming all of our hearts. I know that all the words I could say do not do justice to the actions I can take. I will definitely work hard, use resources wisely, and use my education to help pay back what I was given, and pay back everyone who helped me along the way. When I get older, I will pass on this warmth that I was given to someone in need.
Finally, please accept my sincerest thanks. Thank you all, it was you who helped me and warmed the hearts of people who felt helpless. I wish you kind people a life of peace and serenity.

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