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Update from Yuling Bai: May 2010

Below is a translation of Yuling Bai's latest update. Please message her back - as you can see from the letter, she loves getting your responses!


Dear Uncles and Aunties,

Hello! How have you all been recently? I was very happy to get your letters - thank you for your encouragement and good wishes. It really makes me feel lucky. I really feel honored to be able to get to know you and share with you my joys and misfortunes.

Time passes quickly - before long, I will quickly be approaching junior year. All my classmates are also bracing themselves to face the stresses of junior year, and of course, I'm not an exception. I've seen the juniors, busy all day every day, with their huge piles and mountains of homework, with big tests and quizzes every week. I'm still rather scared.

Before I came to high school, my older sister told me: "High school is tough, but afterwards when you go out into the world, you'll realize that high school was a good time and a meaningful experience." Of course, I understand that high school is a challenge of life, like a stanza of a beautiful poem. If it hasn't rained, then you won't be able to see a rainbow - nature is like that, and human life is like that. I think that after a few years of high school, I'll be more grown-up and mature. I'm going to use all of my power to achieve and go all out. "Flowers will bloom again one day, but people are only young once." Only if I make the most of this time will I be able to avoid feeling like I wasted my youth. High school is both long and short - I should really cherish it. I'm sure all of you had some good experiences in high school - perhaps you could share them with me?

As spring has approached, my hometown has slowly woken up, spring grass is growing, and everywhere things are brilliant colors of red and purple. In the fields, farmers are ploughing, with the smell of the cabbage flowers pervading the air. The whisper of the bees, the grace of the butterflies, the warm sun, and the gentle breeze all give the feeling of springtime. The warm spring sun of the countryside is something that the city, with its heavy traffic, can't rival. I feel very lucky to have grown up in this place. Could you tell me a little about your beautiful hometowns?

The work you do every day must make you very tired, so it's important to relax and live a good life. I wish you the best at work and in life, and I'm eagerly awaiting your reply letters!

Bai Yuling

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