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Letter from Yessica!

Hi Dear Godmother,
I'm writing this letter to you to tell you that I've had been doing well at school. Sometimes it's a bit exhausting and many times I feel I get lost with teacher's explanations, but when I get home I try to investigate by myself on books the things that I didn't understand during the class. No matter I have to sleep just a few hours because there are some very busy days and I have lunch and breakfast at school.
I have to attend a class called Modalidad and I didn't get to that class on time the first two classes. I got late because I take that class in a new school and I didn't know the schedule. I found new classmates and I asked them for help when I didn't understand a topic. I could even say that I made friends, which is very strange for me because I'm shy and I never speak to anyone. Even at home, we have visits I stay in my bedroom. I think I got used to be alone and when someone speaks to me I don't evev know what to do.
God bless you and give you abundant blessings!
Yessica Alejandra.

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