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Yessica Alejandra is 11 years old. She lives in southern Bogota with her parents and her older sister. The family’s income comes from her father who works in an auto repair shop. Her mother has not been able to find a job, so she stays at home and takes care of the family and the house. Yessica’s family lives in a rented house where other families live as well. The neighborhood where the house is located is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of the city because of the presence of gangs. However, her family cannot afford to live in a different place because rent is more expensive and they cannot buy a house because the family’s income is not enough to ensure to the banks that the mortgage of a house will be paid back without problem. Not having enough money to pay expenses and not having a safe and comfortable place to live is the greatest challenge of her family.

Yessica Alejandra is in 6th grade and her favorite subjects are science and physical education. She has always been one of the best students in her class and has received honors for her academic records. Yessica loves animals and for that reason she wants to become a veterinarian in the future. She hopes to accomplish her dream with God’s and her parents’ help. In the future Yessica Alejandra would like to be able to help children who live on the street or are forced to work. She prays all children like her can go to school, even with challenges, because education will open the doors for a better life.


  • Letter from Yessica!

    Hi Dear Godmother, I'm writing this letter to you to tell you that I've had been doing well at school. Sometimes it's a bit exhausting and many times I feel I get lost with teacher's explanations, but when I get home I try to investigate by myself on books the things that I didn't understand during the class. No matter I have to sleep just a few hours because there are some very busy days and I have lunch and breakfast at school. I have to attend a class called Modalidad and I didn't get to that class on time the first two classes. I got late because I take that class in a new school and I didn't know the schedule. I found new classmates and I asked them for help when I didn't understand a topic. I could even say that I made friends, which is very strange for me because I'm shy and I never speak to anyone. Even at home, we have visits I stay in my bedroom. I think I got used to be alone and when someone speaks to me I don't evev know what to d...
  • Report Card

    Attached is Yessica Alejandra's report card. She has excelled in her school work, with your support. [img]/images/user/2092_18367110308893337923.jpg[/img] Yessica is another great student! She has excellent grades for Environmental Science, Geography, Social Science, Art, Ethics and Physical Education. The great news is that she has passed to tenth grade! Good job, Yessica! Interpreted by Givology Volunteer, [url=]Frida Herrera[/url].
  • 2014 Report Cards

    [img]/images/user/2092_560805380759961608.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2092_6330483872406315111.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2092_8040027181279588985.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2092_15356903212529500039.jpg[/img]
  • Letter and Academic Transcript from Yessica

    Below is a letter from Yessica Alejandra along with her transcript. Thank you to everyone who has supported Yessica's education! We are very gratified to see such positive and impressive academic results. [img]/images/user/2092_14362144390760342548.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2092_14502095817193222800.jpg[/img] [img]/images/user/2092_15340405687340554393.jpg[/img]
  • Handwritten Letter

    Bogota, D.C., April 16, 2012 Dear sponsors: through this letter I want to share with you things that have happened to me lately. Although I do not have much to tell you, I still want to share a little bit. I like the school where I am studying 7th grade now a lot, although it is very far away from home. I personally like to walk a lot every day because I exercise my legs and in that way hopefully I will get taller. I like to hear people telling me that I am taller and taller day by day. During my vacation time at the end of last year and beginning of this year I had a nice time because I traveled to El Cocuy, Boyaca along with my mother and my sister to visit Uncle Carlos. Although my time there was a little boring the very first days, after some time I made friends there and had lots of fun. On Christmas Eve we saw fireworks at the town’s main park. When I returned to Bogota my father was waiting for me and gave me many hugs and kisses. In about two months I will celebrate my 12th ...