• Breakfast stand fundraiser

    Updates on the Breakfast Stand Fundraiser: Shout-outs to the Marketing Associates at the University of Pennsylvania who helped put together this amazing fundraiser! To start off, the fundraiser was very successful! We were able to fundraise 91 dollars in the course of three days by just selling breakfast pastries and donuts to college students in the morning. We were there this past Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings selling breakfast food for three hours every morning. This is like getting paid 10$/hour you work! That's pretty decent wouldn't you say? considering that this is the first fundraiser of this kind that we have ever done! We were able to find a really good venue to host this fundraiser. We set up the breakfast stand in the lobby of David Rittenhouse Laboratory (DRL for short), a math and science academic building. Because this building lack a cafe of it's own, we were able to monopolize the food market! Next we got generous food donations from Au Bon Pa...