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My 2018 Update

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Dear Miss Huang:
Time has passed and the new year has arrived. I hope you are doing well so far away, that work is going smoothly, and that you are happy every day.
I would like to tell you about my study and life. In the blink of an eye, I’ve been in college for nearly a year. Thinking back, if you hadn’t helped me so generously, my college dream would only be a pipe dream. I’m one of many children in a single parent family where my mother has no fixed income. Due to the heavy burden on the family, my mother works every day from the early morning till late at night farming. Thinking back before the exam, many relatives and friends said: "so what if you get into high school, with so many children, only one or two need to succeed.” My mother has always insisted the money problems were nothing, we can take out a bank loan, but I should continue my studies. Although I know the situation at home, I didn’t want to give up the opportunity after I was accepted, so I went to high school. But most fortunate of all, like an angel, you appeared when I was at my lowest point. During the 3 years of high school, my mother’s care for my other younger siblings as well as my confidence and hope for life were greatly improved because of your help. However, I don’t know what happened, I studied hard in high school but somehow couldn’t achieve the same results I had in junior high; this brought me more and more pain at the time, resulting in the college entrance examination scores that were not ideal and only qualified me for vocational college.
When I received the admission letter, I was really at a loss with the high university tuition fees. With my failure of the college entrance examination and the daunting university expenses, I lost hope, and I let you down. But then I learned I would be able to take out a loan. I was so excited! I still came, alone, to a strange city, I did not expect that in college you continued to extend your help. Once again, I was the fortunate person funded by you. At that time, my eyes were immediately filled with tears and I saw through the blurry vision, hope once more. I said to myself that I would be a "dandelion" in the future and bring your unselfish love to wherever I go and pass it on to those who need it.
So college life is hard-won. My last was not very busy and on one hand I continue to study hard and live up to the expectations of you and your family, while on the other hand, I work to become more and more self-reliant. I took on activities to gain social and work experience. I passed out send flyers, cut vegetables in the restaurant, participated in work-study programs. All the while motivating oneself to strive hard and become self-reliant. Your charity and warm heart deeply inspires us young people to find out own light and build a loving world of one universal family! And I will be diligent in my efforts! In my freshman year, I learned everything I could, make good use of my spare time to go study in a quiet library, or participate in productive activities.
Although we are only a month into this semester, I have been busy with my time. Although I’m not the smartest, I like to be busy. So I feel very fulfilled. As I look ahead, I will continue to improve myself as I pursue my studies. During my time at school, I will test for all the certifications I can. During the winter vacation, my mother got cervical spondylosis, I have been taking care of her, so I took the opportunity to spend time learning about the hospital. I think this is very useful for career future! I learned a lot during that time, especially the rich experience of doctors and nurses. They told me that you must master medical knowledge, not just high level understanding, because it’s life and death, priceless; you have to be cautious in the face of a sick patient...
So I have to learn the relevant knowledge and master as much as I can in this semester. If my mother gets better, I will not go back home in the summer vacation, and stay at school to work and study and enrich your life experience.
A thousand words cannot express my gratitude to you. I will study hard in this next semester and constantly work to improve myself. In the future, I will do my best and contribute my strength to everyone around me.
Again, I express my most sincere gratitude here, thank you, miss Huang. My student life is wonderful because of you! Thank you for funding me again and again, encouraging my study and my life.
You are my kindest soul.
I wish you and uncle a happy new year, the year of the dog. I hope you are in good health and work is going well!
Your funded student: Xiao Jin-Hua
April 9, 2018

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