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Introductory Letter

Attached is Xu Cai Yang's first letter to Givology. If you feel compelled to send a letter to reply, please do so! Our students love receiving letters, we will even translate the letter for you.
Name: Xucai Yang
My name is Xucai Yang, and I was born in a rural family. I live with my father, mother,grandmother and brother.
My grandmother is 80 years old; however, she still has to do some work because our lack of labor force. My parents work all day long in our land and have to take care of the livestock. They have to cook themselves if both me and my brother are out. My mother is not very healthy so she often needs medicines. Father sometimes also feel uncomfortable because he is too tired.
We make a living by curing tobacco and it is exhausting. During the short time period when tobaccos are planted, we have to work all days and all nights. We also have to water them and replant some more. When they are ready to cure, we need to take care of them every single minute.
I only go home during the long breaks so I cannot really help them. I am studying in the city and I am now a 9th grader.I score is not yet the best but I always try my best to improve it. I did have any access to book when I was little so my writing skill is poor. My English is also bad but I am working hard.
I study so I can use my knowledge in the future which is not far away. I want to get into a good college and find a job that can reduce my family’s burdens. I will not give up!"
Translated by Givology Volunteer, Junhong Chen.

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