• re:Givology Holiday Study Break

    Some of the Penn Team at the study break.
  • Pileggi Boutique Event

    Last Thursday, November 19, Givology partnered with Pileggi Boutique (715 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA) for a shop for a cause event in which 15% of the proceeds will go to rebuilding the Peace School in Kampala, Uganda. We were able to attract the attention of some online blogs, including Daily Candy and . An article was written about the event in the Daily Pennsylvanian . Although turn-out for the event was not as strong as we would have liked, we were able to generate some more awareness about Givology. Also, this experience will help us move forward as we plan future events. Thank you to Pileggi Boutique and Coco's Food & Spirits for their generosity.
  • Study Break Microfundraiser in King's Court dormitory at Penn

    On Thursday, October 29th, Givology held its first microfundraiser in King's Court/English House's 1938 study lounge from 9-11pm. It was a busy week leading up to Halloween, so we had no idea how much of a success it would be, but thanks to Jihae Lee for putting the word out with her flyers, a surprising number of people came to check it out. No entrance fee was charged. Curious students simply walked in and found a table full of Au Bon Pain pastries and fresh local apples donated by Bon Appetit next to our Givology banner. As they made caramel apples, bobbed for apples, and ate their treats, students came by the table to ask Yuqing, Neilay, Madhav and Yibin more about Givology and our intiatives, which we gladly explained. By the end of the night, we collected over $80 in donations and spread the word through KCECH! Congradulations guys, and thanks to Chef Lydia for her generous donation of apples, Au Bon Pain for their pastries, and everyone from Givology who came to suppo...