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Since the launch of the iPhone X & One Plus 5T, the Face ID is in the limelight, in case if you are wondering what the heck Face ID is then let me tell you its a Facial recognition system specially designed for iPhone X which unlocks the phone by scanning the user’s face.
DID YOU KNOW? Face ID technology was already launched on Android since years.
But the low-quality front camera was the reason behind its failure.
Apple took it to another level with its advanced technology of two modules. By which you can unlock the phone or even your face can be used as identification during paying.
But the biggest disadvantage of [url=https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sensory.tsapplock&hl=en_IN]Face ID in iPhone X [/url]is you cannot unlock Apps through it. But its possible in Android by using an App called AppLock. By using it, you can keep your Face & Voice as a password to unlock Apps & setting.
Keeping Pattern or Pin for locking App is now an old-fashioned method, and anyone can unlock it. So, it’s not that secure, and in the age of WhatsApp & Tinder no one wants to lose his privacy.
How it works – When you will open any locked App, the App lock will open a window for scanning your face. It will look for your Face or voice and once it verifies, the App get unlocked instantly. See the below GIF for quick walk-through.
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As you saw, it only took a second to unlock the App, faster & most secured than any App available on the Internet. Now without wasting further time, let’s get started with the steps.
Steps To Use Face ID And Voice To Unlock Android Apps –
1. First of all, Download & Install AppLock Face/Voice Recognition on your Android smartphone –
Download App
2. After opening the App, it will show you the “Terms & Conditions”, just check the box and click on “Start”.Use Face & Voice to unlock Apps
3. Now the setup process starts, choose the unlock phrase from the provided options or you can create your own phrase by clicking the “create” option.
Use Face & Voice to unlock Apps
4. Click on “Skip to enrollment”.
Use Face & Voice to unlock Apps
5. Find a quiet place with proper light because now we have to configure the App with our bio-metric details.
6. Place your Face inside the 2×2 Grid while speaking the chosen phrase. Follow this step properly because this is going to be your unlock code.
Use Face & Voice to unlock Apps
7. After doing that, choose the alternate method of unlocking the device just in case of any emergency/problem situation where you would not be able to use your Face ID or Voice. You can choose between Pattern, Pin & Password, here I am choosing Pattern.
Use Face & Voice to unlock Apps
8. Once you are done with above steps, its time to give access permission to the App. To do this, click the button at the bottom, select the Applock from the list and then enable the “permit usage access” option. Note – The option name varies with the devices.
9. The configuration process is completed, now select the Apps you want to lock and start using them with your Face ID or Voice.
Use Face & Voice to unlock Apps
10. That’s it you are done, now no one can snoop into your Android without your permission.
If you are confused on any step than watch the video mentioned in the bottom of the article.
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Security Tip –
Click on the hamburger icon (options), than tap on “Advanced Settings” and enable the “Liveness Analysis” option. By doing this, at the time of unlocking the Apps, it will check for motions like blinking or movements of your head, so no one will able to unlock Apps by showing your still images.
The App comes with two security modes: Convenience mode and Truly Secure mode.
Convenience mode – In this mode, you can unlock Apps using your Face or Voice, you can’t keep both the option enabled simultaneously.
Truly Secure mode – If you want more security than you can use this mode, by using this mode you have to provide both Face ID & voice to unlock the Apps. Hence it’s more secure than the first mode.
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Video Tutorial –
Ending the Article –
If you are bored with the traditional PIN/Password or you want something more secure than you should definitely use this Applock as your primary option to lock the Apps. This App is developed by Sensory TruelySecure which is renowned with Best Global Mobile Award.
If you like this article, then share it on your social networks and if you have any doubts feel free to ask in comments.
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Sunaina says
Good article.
Keep sharing with us.
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Aribalan says
Did someone uninstall the app means????????
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Shubham habib says
That’s why this Applock prelock the Settings menu, so one will able to uninstall the App without the Password
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