• Turning vice into a Tory virtue

    Avid readers of the Sun may skip the next few sentences; for the rest, here is the story so far. On Tuesday of last week the Sun printed on its front page a gripping story headlined 'Prostitute Christine is a Tory Councillor'. The Sun's account was detailed and plausible. It described an encounter between a reporter and Mrs Christine Pearson - 'when our reporter revealed his identity the councillor fled from the room' - and quoted her as saying: 'I've been doing it for about five years'. Before we come to the significance of this curious tale, two points should be made. First, since that original story, Mrs Pearson has fiercely denied being a prostitute. Secondly Mrs Pearson is not the first person to resign from Thanet District Council recently in strange circumstances. One was jailed for fraud; another transgressed the bounds of acceptable Margate behaviour when he arranged for a friend to consume massive amounts of the natural male enhancement pill...