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My name is Tatiana. I am 16 years old. I live in Girón with my parents, two brothers and two sisters. We lost our home several years ago due to a flood. Right now we are living in a provisional home provided by the government. The place where we live does not have access roads; there are community laundry sinks, community bathrooms and community recreational spaces. The supply of water and electricity is provisional. The families that were affected by the flood and lost their homes were relocated to a different area while the government builds new homes in a safe area. Right now the government is visiting the families affected by the flood to give them their new home. Since my parents work most of the time and my brothers and sisters study during the day, I decided to validate so I can stay home to receive the visit from the government. I study every Sunday from 7 -1 p.m. Since I am validating, I can finish one grade in a 6 month period. This means I will finish 9th grade in June and will start 10th grade in July, 2009. My brothers and sisters also go to school.

I would like to study social communications and become a journalist. In my spare time I enjoy drawing and painting.

My parents do not have a full time job. My father helps in construction once in a while and my mother works cleaning houses or offices and washing and/or ironing clothes. Our family dreams of having a home of our own.


  • Update from Tatiana, A High School Graduate!

    Tatiana's graduation photo! Translation: Hello Appreciated Sponsors, I hope that you and yours are well. This letter is to tell you that, as you’ve already been able to realize, I’ve finished an important era, that of high school, and although I’ve started another era, which is to study a professional career. Well in this past semester I couldn’t start because I couldn’t present a reference but I’m going to present it in April and if God wants and everything goes as I’m thinking I will study Psychology. But this if with the help of God and I know that I can achieve it because of all the effort of you all, of my parents, and of my church and my own effort, it will be seen reflected in my heart. Because hope and faith are the only that you can’t lose. One year more of life, a year more of illusion, a year more of advantage, a year more wishing with all my heart and forever. And her final grades!
  • Letter from Tatiana: August 2010

    Please send Tatiana your congratulations on her graduation from high school! -- Dear sponsors: Kind regards. I wish you our Heavenly Father’s richest blessings. Through this letter I want to inform you that I did well at school even though some subjects were difficult but with God’s help I passed. I also want to tell you that I graduated from high school on July 3rd. I am super happy. You can not imagine how much I waited for this moment. I am finishing another stage of my life, very important, which required a lot of effort and brings hopes. Another stage already starts; a stage where things are not going to be the same because I will be doing new things. I will need more strength and courage in this stage because I will fulfill new rules, I will meet new people, I will see new ways of doing things, which is the college stage. I am not too sure about all these yet, my thoughts have changed a bit and I want to study something that fulfills my expectations. I know that my God will gi...
  • Letter from Tatiana: April 2010

    Below is an update we just received from Tatiana. -- Hello… Dear sponsors: First of all I wish you a great day. Through this letter I want to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be your sponsored student. I am very happy to receive letters from you and thank you for supporting my education. I want to tell you that right now I am painting two wooden sunflowers and will use them as a candle holder. I would like to learn how to paint faces. I was inspired to become a journalist because I like people, I like cameras and I like to be informed about things that may help others. I know it is a difficult career but I know that when that moment comes I will be able to handle things. My parents and my brothers and sisters send you greetings and hugs. My brother Wilmer, the oldest, is 19 and graduated from high school last year. He is working in a shoe store. My sister Dayana (younger sister), is 15 and is in 10th grade. My younger brother Danvil is 13 and is in 7th grade and my young...
  • Translation of Tatiana's letter

    Below is a translation of Tatiana's latest letter. Thank you to Givology translation associate Lauren Yarger for your hard work! -- Hello, A cordial greeting to my supporters, I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well. I want to tell you how this year went although 10th grade was a little difficult, since my God was with me at every moment and thanks to Him, I passed the year and will be entering 11th grade. I am very happy and blessed because I am going to graduate high school and am going to be able to study what I have always wanted: Social Communications and Journalism. I know that I am going to succeed at it with the help of all of you and of God because I want you to be proud of me. I know that there’s a lot left for me to do and at every step there are setbacks. However, I am going to overcome them. I am very happy and I want to share my happiness with you. The kids at Sunday school that I teach are very proud of me. They call me teacher. It feels strange, but th...
  • Update from Tatiana: Dec 2009

    See below for a recent letter from Tatiana! A translation will be posted soon. Please message her to show your continued support! --