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Tema is an exceptional student because she strives in her academics but is also very active in student leadership in her school and community. Tema is adored by anyone who spends time with her because she exudes enthusiasm and a passion for positive change. Tema is the second oldest of seven children. While her parents try as much as possible to cater for her needs, it is often difficult because they have six other siblings to support. Tema is unable to afford basic necessities such as school lunch money, pens, pencils, a calculator, and clean school uniforms. Tema is passionate about education and dreams of one day becoming a nurse who can help others. With a scholarship she would be one step closer to achieving these dreams.


  • Update from Priscilla!

    School: Kyekyewere M/A Junior High School Current level in school: basic school 8 Future career: Priscilla wants to be a nurse in the near future to educate and help those who are sick in her community. What Priscilla said: “I am very grateful to God and all the sponsors for supporting my education thus far, may the Lord bless you all so that you continue supporting me to be a nurse in future. The items that I received motivate me to work hard. Immediately after school I cook for my 7 member family and take my books to and go back to class room and learn. My teachers also encourage me a lot so I always want to be in school.” Report: Priscilla’s reports indicate that she is doing well in mathematics and general science and we have advised her to also take the other subjects seriously.
  • Update

    A new bundle of a school uniform and other supplies!
  • Update from Tema Priscilla

    Tema has now entered the Junior High School. She is still excellent in her class and very effective. She has moved from the Salvation Army primary to the M/A JHS studying to go onto the High School. She said: I am very much bent on becoming nurse which is my dream profession. Tema Tema and her mother


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