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Quinceanera Dresses Australia more like that

Fashions for victory [b][url=]Party Dresses Australia[/url][/b] George negus:Now, i think we'll let this next quite remarkable piece of old archival footage from the second world war speak for itself. Onscreen:The national films council of the department of information presents a war organisation of industry production 'fashions for victory', directed by ralph smart, commentary by harry dearth. Harry dearth on archive:Some weeks back, an urgent call went out from canberra to 14 people.These people included representatives of the trade unions and important executives of big department stores.Still others were to represent the clothing manufacturers.Frock designers and special advisers were called upon by the government to create the most important styles of their careers.And most important, the women who were to represent the people of australia on the council to be formed.Those women were gladys moncrieff, mrs alice jackson, editoress of the 'australian women's weekly', mrs forde, wife of the deputy prime minister of australia. So the national council for clothes styling was formed, with mr dedman, minister for war organisation of industry, as its chairman.Mr dedman explained to the council that australia has to conserve every inch of clothing material and cannot expect heavy supplies from overseas.Some members of the council know this only too well.There are more urgent jobs for our ships than carrying clothing materials.In any case, england herself is restricting the manufacture of all rayons and cottons.But australia can still turn out plenty of woollen fabrics?Yes.But here's where they're nearly all going.Furthermore, these skilful hands were needed for a far more important job this job of war.That's something else these new styles must do release scores of thousands for urgent victory production.Fashions for victory the new victory line.Fashion editors saw them at advance previews, agreed new victory line's a big improvement, as trimmings can [b][url=]Dresses Australia[/url][/b] no longer be used to hide a poor cut. Let's take a look at a big retail store andSee how these new fashions will affect you.Suit department first.Pat, turn around to the camera, please.Yes, your suit shows plenty you can't have.Too many pockets no more than two pockets allowed.And only five buttons allowed.Other restrictions are no belts,No buttons on sleeves, and no pocket flaps.Here's the type of suit that conforms with victory styling five buttons or less, two pockets without flaps, no buttons on cuffs.Now for the frock department.The most important change you'll notice will be the absence of trimmings.Won't you try it on, please? (Chuckles)They won't be making any [b][url=]Quinceanera Dresses Australia[/url][/b] more like that.No more lavish embroidery.There you are.A victory style showing the maximum allowed six inches square of embroidery.Notice that no belt width is to exceed two inches.Hems must not exceed two inches.Seams must not exceed one inch. (Chuckles)Oh, no.Too much precious material used up in that shirring.Too much wasted time for skilful hands that should be working for victory.No more like that, because all that tucking, shirring and pleating is just for decoration.Of course, the council allowed a certain amount of shirring where necessary for shaping.This is a victory fashion showing permissible shirring.Uhuh!Look at that pleating.There's enough there to make two skirts.Limits have been placed upon the sweep of skirts according to size.This skirt shows sweep allowed in victory fashions.Plenty there.These are all victory fashions.Designs are unlimited, but designers must not waste material or the time of skilful hands.Now for the coat department.We'll model it for you, pat. (Chuckles)No more coats like this.Only singlebreasted from now on, and no belts.Four buttons that's ok.You may have up to five.Uhuh!No buttons on sleeves.No tabs or turnedback cuffs to waste material.This is a victory fashion.See?There's the new victory line again.The straight line and the box coat.Two pockets ok.Welted seams ok.Still plenty of swing.Movies showing you all the other victory styles will appear in this theatre, week by week.Keep this in mind.Buy no more than you must buy.Save your ration coupons. George negus:The famous v line 'v' for 'victory'.I wonder what they'd do right now designer gas masks, maybe.Seriously, a fascinating piece of '40s war propaganda there with a dash of australian fashion history thrown in.

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