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10 Do It Yourself Home Repairs You Can Do for Less Than $150

Home improvement projects cost American homeowners [url=]$394 billion in 2018[/url] - that's why more people are turning to do it yourself home repairs.
Of course, updating your home on your own is no easy feat. It requires countless man hours and a good amount of elbow grease.
To get the best tips on 10 of the cheapest DIY home products, check out the list below.
[b]1. Update with Paint [/b]
Sometimes, the most effective renovation for a home is a simple coat of paint.
The best thing about this cheap renovation is that it's practically limitless. You can paint your bathroom floor, shower tiles, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, linoleum floors, sink, ceilings, or stairs to bring life to any room.
[b]2. Switch out Light Fixtures [/b]
This home renovation is relatively simple, even for those completely new to DIY home projects. You simply remove the old fixture, connect the wires to the new one, and screw it in.
Light fixtures aren't cheap if you don't know where to look. Don't forget to visit your local secondhand furniture shops to find some affordable gems.
[b]3. Stencil Your Walls [/b]
If you've gotten comfortable with paint and are ready for a more complicated project, you can try stenciling instead.
You can buy your own stencil, but it's much more creative to create your own. Choose a place you want to accent and apply it there.
[b]4. DIY Kitchen Island [/b]
A kitchen island is a sign of a sophisticated home. If done yourself, it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.
You can upcycle any old dresser into a fancy kitchen island. It only takes a few coats of paint. You can also change out the hardware for some extra shine.
[b]5. Cheap Kitchen Backsplashes [/b]
A backsplash is a great way to add some color and design to your kitchen. One creative way to do this is to use sticky flooring.
The flooring will look more expensive than a simple adhesive backsplash, and it's much cheaper and easier to do than real tile.
[b]6. Creative Paints [/b]
Now that you know about the magic of paint, you can get creative with unique types of paint. One of these is chalkboard paint.
This type of paint can get pricey if overused, so consider where it would best accent your home, and where it would be most functional. A small panel of a cabinet is ideal.
[b]7. Old Door Furniture [/b]
You can upcycle anything. Check out your local junkyard sometime. If you find an old door, it's a great opportunity to transform it into a coat rack or place for storage.
[b]8. Change up Your Doors [/b]
You can even change up your doors without changing your door. By adding some more wood on the outside of your door and painting over it, you can achieve a 3D effect that will have your door looking brand new.
You can also [url=]read more[/url] about cheap ways to update your window treatments.
[b]9. Organize Your Closet [/b]
There's nothing worse than a disorganized closet. You can drill in your own rack shelving system for a reasonable cost.
[b]10. Rollout the Kitchen [/b]
Most kitchens are bursting with items and also lack organization. A quick and affordable fix is to install rollouts in your cabinets. You'll create more space that's easier to organize.
[b]More Do It Yourself Home Repairs [/b]
Whether you're a volunteer or a homeowner on a budget, do it yourself home repairs can come in handy.
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