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Beach Please: The Top Tips for Getting Your Body Bikini Ready

So many of us fantasize about turning heads on the beach by showing off a knock 'em dead figure. [url=]Nearly half of all Americans[/url], however, want to lose weight—women more so than men. If you're one of them, you may be stressing out about how to sculpt your body so you can make a splash this summer.
The bad news is there are no shortcuts when it comes to getting into shape. You're going to have to exercise and eat healthily. But the following tips may just help make the process a little less painful.
Here are ten tips for achieving a bikini-ready body this summer season.
[b]1. Begin With a Healthy Breakfast [/b]
Start each day off right by eating a balanced breakfast that is low in sugar and delivers protein and fiber. These two nutrients will power you through the morning hours and help you feel satisfied longer.
Eating breakfast is more likely to help you lose or keep weight off compared to people who skip the morning meal. Studies have found that people who eat a [url=]good breakfast regularly[/url] were less likely to overeat later in the day.
Some healthy options include eggs, smoothies fortified with protein powder, turkey bacon, cheese, fruits, and veggies.
[b]2. Incorporate Strength Training Into Your Regimen[/b]
Building your muscles fuels your metabolism and actually helps you burn more fat and calories. If you're not used to lifting weights, start small and light. You can strain and injure yourself by attempting to lift heavy weights your body isn't ready for yet.
You also don't even need free weights or machines to build your muscles; try some exercises that utilize your own body weight to increase strength.
[b]3. Get Enough Sleep [/b]
When we don't get the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night, the hormones that regulate our appetite go haywire. This is why you're likely to feel ravenous the day after a sleep-deprived night. Your body is literally yelling for you to feed it so it can carry you through the day.
Not only that, but we're likely to skip workouts because we simply don't have the energy to exercise. Try starting a relaxing nighttime routine to prepare your body for sleep and get into bed on time.
[b]4. Get Moving—But Do Activities You Love [/b]
Cardio exercise is important for burning fat and losing weight, but it's counter-intuitive if you choose a form of exercise you dread doing.
Instead, pick physical activities that you love. Maybe you enjoy riding your bike or walking instead of running or jumping rope instead of Zumba. You're more likely to stick to an exercise routine by doing physical activities you enjoy.
[b]5. Give Sugar the Heave-Ho [/b]
Cut sugar from your diet where you can to eliminate empty calories. Keep in mind that the sweet stuff is a sneaky ingredient hidden in many packaged foods such as yogurt and condiments. Read food labels carefully to ensure you're not consuming too much sugar.
Don't drink soda and other sugary treats. Opt for seltzer water, or dress up plain water by adding a squirt of citrus juice, cucumber slices, and a few mint leaves.
This tip doesn't mean you need to cut out dessert or the occasional sweet treat, but eliminating added sugar whenever possible helps the body from packing on more padding. It's also just better for your health overall.
[b]6. Work Your Abs
[/b]If you plan on wearing a bikini, then you'll most likely want to tone your abs. Keep in mind that ab exercises go beyond crunches. You'll want to incorporate a variety of moves that target your core to start revealing your hidden six-pack.
These include planks, Russian twists, jackknifes, bicycle crunches, just to name a few. Varying your ab exercises will help work all parts of your midsection for an evenly sculpted look.
[b]7. Choose the Right Snacks
[/b]If you become hungry in between meals, choose healthy food options that deliver nutrients for a small number of calories. A small handful of nuts, vegetables with cottage cheese or hummus, or a piece of fruit all make healthy snack options.
Aim for snack choices that don't surpass 100 calories so you're not adding too many to your daily intake. Plan ahead by putting together healthy snacks ahead of time and bringing them to the office. This will discourage you from visiting the vending machine.
[b]8. Motivate Yourself by Buying Your Dream Bikini [/b]
Buying your dream bikini or swimsuit in the ideal size you'd like to be—before you reach it—can further motivate you to stick to your weight loss goals. You won't want to see that money go to waste. Keep your bikini in plain view where you can see it every day as a powerful reminder to stay active and make healthy food choices.
You can also motivate yourself by buying cute [url=]beach chic[/url] pieces that will show off your slimmer physique.
[b]9. Sneak in Exercise During Your Daily Routine [/b]
Don't have time to work out every day? Then squeeze in some physical activity throughout the day whenever you can. This may mean doing squats when cooking or brushing your teeth, jumping rope when watching TV, or using the staircase at work instead of the elevator.
This may not sound like a calorie-torching tactic, but doing small bursts of exercise during the day adds up and can help keep you toned in between workouts.
[b]10. Watch Your Alcohol Consumption [/b]
Like sugary snacks and drinks, alcoholic beverages are made up of mostly empty calories that can pack on the pounds. It's OK to treat yourself to a glass of wine or beer to wind down after a trying work week, but be mindful of how much alcohol you're consuming. Cocktails in particular often contain a lot of sugar and calories.
[b]A Bikini-Ready Body Can Be Yours This Summer [/b]
Above all, don't give up on your quest for a bikini-ready body. It takes time, dedication, and hard work to obtain a healthier, slimmer body. If you find you fall off the wagon and overindulge, just go back the next day to exercising and eating healthy.
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