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20 of the Easiest Plants to Keep Alive and Make Your Apartment Beautiful

Plants are a great way to add life and texture to a home. There's just something magical about the way [url=]greenery brings freshness and beauty[/url] to a space that nothing else can provide.
And yet caring for plants can be a challenge. After all, not everyone has a green thumb.
So what are the easiest plants to keep alive? You've come to the right place for answers. In this article, we take a look at a list of easy to maintain plants. So keep reading to discover which type of plants might be best for your home.
[b]1. Succulents[/b]
Succulents don't require much light. In fact, they don't like full sun. They also don't require much water. These are desert plants, so if you overwater, they'll die.
[b]2. Orchids[/b]
Orchids are flowers that grow attached to trees. Thus they like the shade. You can water them once or twice every two weeks and they'll be fine.
[b]3. Asparagus Fern[/b]
Here is a fluffy plant that is able to tolerate more abuse than many other types of plants. As long as you keep the soil moist, the [i]asparagus setaceus [/i]can easily adapt to both bright spots or darker corners of your home.
[b]4. African Violet[/b]
This is one of the most popular houseplants in the world. It blooms several times a year and requires only moist soil and a little indirect sunlight in order to keep it thriving.
[b]5. Aloe[/b]
You probably remember your mother using the juice from an aloe plant to soothe a burn on your finger when you were a kid. This plant has spiky leaves and can live quite happily on your bedside table or on a desk at work. It needs only indirect sunlight and a good soak every couple of weeks.
[b]6. Bromeliad[/b]
This plant is a member of the bromeliaceae family. It produces side shoots called pups that will eventually replace the original plant. Bromeliads can last a long time and thrive best in a temperature of around 70 degrees.
[b]7. Philodendron[/b]
This is an interesting plant that is part of a large-leafed species that typically grows in Mexico, Brazil, as well as in the West Indies. Philodendrons prefer low light and very little moisture.
[b]8. Cast-Iron Plant[/b]
The Cast-Iron is a sturdy plant that likes low light, poor-quality soil, a wide range of temperatures, and only occasionally needs water. Its foliage can grow up to 2 feet high, with dark leaves. This plant prefers to be left alone, so we recommend not giving it too much love.
[b]9. Pothos[/b]
This is an indoor plant that can actually absorb and strip toxins from materials in your home. It's great for hanging baskets or for climbing a trellis, and can thrive in a wide range of lighting conditions and requires very little water.
[b]10. Spider Plant[/b]
These plants do well in medium to bright light, with evenly moist soil, and a room set at 60 to 75 degrees. The Spider Plant is great for adding something visually interesting to a room, and they come in a number of varieties.
[b]11. Jade Plant[/b]
The Jade Plant is an ideal choice for anyone who loves the look and ease of care of a succulent. It doesn't require much water and loves bright light and normal room temperatures. This plant can be around for as long as your kids live at home with minimal care.
[b]12. Rubber Tree[/b]
A Rubber Tree makes a great indoor houseplant and can grow up to 8 feet tall. The leaves are dark and shiny, making this plant perfect for spicing up your interior decor. It likes medium to bright light, dry soil, and room temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees.
[b]13. Peperomia[/b]
This is actually a full category of houseplants that include red-edge and ripple peperomias. These plants typically prefer room temps between 60 and 75 degrees, and you should let the soil dry out between watering for best results.
[b]14. Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree[/b]
This indoor tree is a lovely species of ficus. It has large, dark green leaves that take the shape of a fiddle or violin, thus its name. You'll need to keep the surface of the soil dry between each watering and expose it to medium to bright light. And if you notice the plant is beginning to look pale, simply move it to less light.
[b]15. Areca Palm[/b]
If you would like greenery in your home that reminds you of a tropical vacation, the Areca palm might be just the ticket. This plant grows to nearly 7 feet tall and does well in indirect light. Be sure to water only on alternate weeks, and keep the soil dry between watering.
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[b]16. Snake Plant[/b]
This plant needs water only about every two weeks. It holds a lot of moisture, so the watering requirements are minimal. Just be sure to keep it in the shade, because it's not a fan of direct sunlight.
[b]17. Schefflera[/b]
Also known as an umbrella tree, this is an evergreen shrub. Schefflera can grow 15 feet high, so we recommend that you keep it outside.
[b]18. Christmas Cactus[/b]
This plant is ideal for anyone wanting something totally low maintenance. You can essentially forget about it and it will be fine.
[b]19. Begonia[/b]
Begonia is a beautiful plant that requires only an occasional drink of water and even less during cold winter months. This plant is available in a variety of foliage patterns and colors.
[b]20. Kalanchoe[/b]
This is another succulent that requires very little care and yet is beauty. It has bell-shaped flowers and is right at home in dry climates and environments that experience wide temperatures swings.
[b]A List of the Easiest Plants to Keep Alive[/b]
Houseplants are a great way to make a house feel like a home. Even if you don't have time to devote to caring for plants, that's no reason not to fill your living space with vibrant greenery. This list of the easiest plants to keep alive will help you decide what's best for you.
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