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7 Key Tips for Having a Successful Career as an Esthetician

Employment growth for estheticians is expected to grow by [url=]13.8 % by 2026[/url], creating 8,500 new jobs.
Estheticians really are in the business of making people look and feel their best. From facials and waxing’s to aromatherapy and skin treatments, these professionals have magical hands.
However, just as with any craft, your success is dependent on the efforts you put into growing your career.
Keep reading to learn the seven key tips for having a successful career as an esthetician.
[b]1. Be a Passionate Esthetician[/b]
This is an intangible requirement for having a successful career whether in employment or as a beauty expert running your own business.
Passion pushes you not just to go the extra mile, but to do everything you’re tasked with wholeheartedly.
While passion is intangible, your clients can feel it and can tell whether or not you are passionate at your job.
And you can guess the kind of professional they would prefer.
[b]2. Don’t Stop Learning[/b]
The beauty industry is not one where you can afford to get comfortable with what you know.
There are changes to beauty regimens every so often, and if you do not offer the latest services you will be left behind.
Stay on top of new trends in the industry and when you can, find out about esthetic schools in your area, and what courses your clients could benefit the most from.
[b]3. Find a Specialty[/b]
How to narrow down on a specialty will be dependent on two things:
• What services you excel in
• What services you enjoy the most
Do not worry that specializing will narrow down your client base. You will still use your other skills, so you do not have to send clients away.
However, with time, you might find that specializing pays better for doing what you love and are best at, than being a jack of all trades.
It can also open up lucrative opportunities along your career journey when other establishments seek to recruit in the area you have specialized in.
[b]4. Master Retail[/b]
Remember, your clients will only come to see you every so often. This creates a care gap in between appointments.
If you do not become a source of information to your clients, you will be doing them a disservice. Take this chance to recommend products that can help them maintain their look until the next appointment.
What this means for you is that you can venture in retail.
However, you can only sell products you know will work well for your client. Sell the wrong product, and even though you are not its manufacturer, you could lose a client.
This part requires you to try the products first before selling them.
The second part of this equation is monetization. One way to go about this is by contacting the manufacturer and working on a business deal where you get supplies, mark up, and sell for profit.
The other route is to [url=]become an influencer[/url] and market the product, within and without the saloon. Really, the opportunities are endless.
[b]5. Look the Part[/b]
Picture going in for dental treatment, only to find a dentist with two front teeth missing? What would come to mind?
You might stay, albeit with questions.
Same case with your clients. You are in the beauty industry; this, to some extent, means you cannot be caught looking unkempt.
Have your uniform in order: clean and pressed. The same for hair and make-up, if you choose to wear it.
This is not just about looking smart; it also communicates professionalism and instills confidence in your clients.
Similarly, keep in mind that your beauty facility is also a relaxing haven for your clients. Therefore, the décor, smells, sights, and sounds of your treatment rooms should reflect this. Follow this link to see some indulgent spa decor [url=]tips[/url].
[b]6. Be Communicative and Responsive[/b]
The first visit with a new client is like a doctor’s consultation. A prospective client should basically tell you what their pain points are and what they wish to accomplish.
Being the beauty doctor, it’s your job to listen, remain non-judgmental, and give the best options.
Do not promise that which you cannot guarantee though. You might have the best of intentions, but it will be read as dishonesty on your part. This is one quick way to lose a client.
Therefore, listen and go through the options with the client. If they do go ahead with their treatment, tell them what to expect as you progress with the procedure.
Read your clients’ mood, as well. If they are happy to chat, it’s okay to engage in banter. For some people, their beauty services provider is their best friend and therapist, all wrapped into one.
[b]7. Market Yourself[/b]
You can never market yourself enough. Think of it this way, aside from the products you sell, you also sell your skill. This requires you to do some marketing to get your name out there.
Here are some marketing tips for you to consider:
[b]Social Media[/b]
This has got to be the easiest way to get the word out. All you need is to open a social media account and get your circle to join and invite more people.
Here, advertise your skills, your products, give beauty tidbits and so on. You will basically be stamping your name as an authority in the industry and as the go-to person for beauty treatments.
This is a great way to show and tell. Are there baby showers, birthday parties and bridal parties in your locality? You can request to attend and give one or two free treatments.
You will end up with referrals that can possibly convert into long term clients.
[b]Offer Services as Certificates[/b]
Talk to businesses in your locality and offer beauty treatment certificates as gift items.
Employers can purchase these for their employees; realtors can purchase them for clients and so on. This helps you build a steady stream of business, as well as helps you get your name and services out there.
All in all, think of your career as your business and sell it and yourself as such.
[b] Enjoy the View on Your Way Up[/b]
These tips will help shape your career and grow your clientele as you learn and gather experiences vital to your job path. Time and experience will work to your advantage as long as you focus on giving your best and bettering your skills.
When you find success, do not forget where you have come from. Volunteering your time and resources to good social causes can make an impact in the lives of many people.
Check out our blog for some inspiring stories of people who are touching lives around the world.

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