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A Guide to Planning a Sweet 16 Birthday Party Like a Pro

Do you have a child or loved one who's about to turn 16? Are you interested in planning a sweet 16 party for them?
These days, sweet 16 parties require a lot more planning than they used to. They require a lot more money, too. The cost of a sweet 16 party can range from a few hundred dollars to [url=]$25,000 and beyond[/url]!
Whether you're trying to stick to a strict budget or just want to put together a party your soon-to-be 16-year-old will love, keep reading.
Listed below are some ideas that will help you with the process of planning a great sweet 16 party.
[b]Set a Budget [/b]
The first thing to do when you're getting ready to plan a sweet 16 party (or any kind of event, for that matter) is to set a budget. Sit down and calculate how much you can afford to spend on a party for your child or loved one.
Once you've figured out the budget for the party, be clear to the guest of honor what that budget is. That way, they can think about which aspects of the party are most important to them and make sure there's enough money to fund those parts.
[b]Set the Date [/b]
After you've calculated the budget for the party, the next step is to set a date.
Are you going to throw the party on your child or loved one's actual birthday, even if it's a weekday? Or, are you going to plan it for the following Friday or Saturday night?
Throwing a party on a weekday can be a good option if you're looking to save money. Venues often offer discounts for weekday events since they're less popular. Of course, throwing a party on a weekday might also limit the number of people who can attend.
Go over the pros and cons with your child and help them make the decision that makes the most sense to them.
[b]Write Out the Guest List [/b]
How many people are going to be invited to the party? Which people should be invited?
Will it be just family? Just friends? A mix of both?
Think, too, about how many people you want to invite. Do you want the party to be small and intimate, or big and wild?
Once you've answered these questions, you and your child can work together to figure out exactly who is going to attend.
[b]Choose the Right Location
[/b]After you've created your guest list, you'll need to find a venue that can accommodate all the people you want to invite. Consider the venue's maximum capacity, but avoid cramming the place too full.
If the venue can fit 150 people, and you're inviting 125, the place is going to be pretty crowded. You may be better off choosing a larger space so that everyone can fit inside and remain comfortable.
[b]Choose a Theme [/b]
Planning a party can be a lot easier when you base everything on a specific theme. The theme can be anything from Hawaiian luaus to the awesome 80s.
Once you have a theme figured out, you can choose decorations, food, attire, and party favors that match up with that theme, and it'll be much easier to decide what stays and what goes.
[b]Think About Food and Drinks [/b]
What kind of food and drinks do you want to serve at the party?
Do you want to serve everyone a full meal? Would you rather just stick with serving drinks, appetizers, and birthday cake?
Either option is perfectly fine.
Just make sure you're clear on the invitation what the food situation will be. That way, people won't show up expecting dinner and then end up feeling disappointed and hangry.
[b]Decide on Decorations [/b]
When it comes to decorations, it's tempting to go all out and purchase everything your local party supply has to offer. Remember, though, that in a lot of cases, less is more.
A few fun, prominent decorative items can have more of an impact that a room that's stuffed full of random things. Keep it simple -- it'll make it easier for you to set things up and take them down, too!
Make sure your decorations also line up with the theme you and your child or loved one have chosen.
[b]Pick the Right Entertainment
[/b]What kind of entertainment are you going to have at the party?
Do you want to go big and bring in a singer or a comedian to entertain everyone? Or, do you want to keep things simple and bring out games or a movie?
There's no right or wrong answer here.
Any kind of entertainment can be fun and memorable. It all depends on your budget and what the birthday boy or girl likes.
[b]Set a Schedule
[/b]It helps to put together a schedule for the party, too.
Figure out when you want to the big events -- cake cutting, performances, gift opening, etc. -- to happen during the evening. That way, you won't be rushing around at the last minute trying to fit everything in before people have to leave.
It's okay if you don't stick to the schedule 100 percent. It's nice to have a guideline in place, though.
[b]Pick Out Party Favors [/b]
You don't necessarily have to give out party favors at the end of the sweet 16. It's a nice gesture, though, and a good way to say thank you to all the people who come to celebrate your child or loved one.
Remember, party favors don't have to be elaborate or expensive. Look for something small and simple that aligns with the party's theme. Check out some of [url=]these ideas[/url] to figure out what might work for your child's sweet 16 party.
[b]Start Planning a Sweet 16 Party Today[/b]
The process of planning a sweet 16 party isn't exactly easy, and it can definitely be overwhelming.
If you keep these guidelines in mind, though, you'll have a much easier time putting together a party for your loved one.
Do you need more party planning advice? Are you looking for tips on how to celebrate your loved one?
We've got lots of information available to you on our site. Check out our blogs today for some great inspiration.

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