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9 Exterior House Colors That Will Make the Neighbors Jealous

According to the IBIS World, the total value of the painters' industry is [url=]$43 billion in 2019[/url]. If there is something that can wow your neighbors with, it’s the visual exterior of your house. How you paint and use color combinations matter a lot. That’s the reason why designers emphasize on appealing, attractive color choices.
General appearance also makes the home feel more comfortable and spacious. Although picking color can be overly burdensome, it is worth the hassle. You don’t want a flat, featureless house- something bold will work correctly.
Want to get your neighbors and visitors talking about your house? Below are the best exterior house colors to choose from. Read on!
[b]1. Sea Blue[/b]
Ever thought of a lovely, watery hue for a house? Blue homes convey an aquatic spirit regardless of whether you live near water or not. This is a popular home design that many suburbia homes are adopting.
Sea blue combines with other colors such as white to form a formidable exterior. A blue exterior looks freshening and cheerful and it among the trendy colors currently. For homes with red brick pathways, a blue exterior is always ideal.
[b]2. Opal[/b]
What more than a fresh, optimistic opal exterior? If you want to give your home captivating tranquility, then an opal-white combination won’t disappoint.
Add a light colored roofing to supplement the opal exterior. White details sum up the synthetic appeal. Opal goes hand in hand with cream or white aspects. Lime –colored particulars work perfectly for the doorway and pathways.
[b]3. Red[/b]
A vibrant red exterior is perfect for a modest homestead. This color demonstrates elevated visual strength and vitality. Imagine a brick-red exterior with crispy white detailing, how wonderful is that?
When you get the perfect color to complement the red paneling, your neighborhood will be moved. White detailing is perfect for the corner panels, porch railing, and window panes. If you have a white picket fence, then your game is on another level.
[b]4. Soft Lemon[/b]
A soft lemon exterior is ideal for any house exterior. Combined with beige, it forms an epitome of brilliance and class. This color is suitable for both rural and suburbia apartments and mansions.
It looks warm and elegant, and many people will look at it and say ‘wow.’ Also, this color looks perfect regardless of whether in the town or the countryside. Wow your neighbors with this beautiful exterior painting.
[b]5.Yellow with Blue Details[/b]
When executed with finesse, a double combination of blue and yellow can be exciting. Yellow is a real game changer while blue adds charm. Mellow yellow goes hand in hand with aqua blue to give an outstanding exterior effect.
A well done green lawn is the ultimate supplement for this combination.
[b]6. Taupe[/b]
Taupe is an alternative for gray. It is a cross between gray and dark brown and is perfect for exteriors. For houses with great architectural designs, taupe adds a warmer, natural tone. It gets even better when the house is in the great reflection of the sun.
[b]7. Beige[/b]
A well-installed beige can transform your home into something thrilling. Along with brown and tan, beige features a bold color with a great outline. It blends well landscaped and wooded areas.
Beige works on specific homes and with particular details. Beige might not work in a Victorian home but might be suitable mansions. A matching roof is a perfect supplement for a beige exterior.
[b]8. White[/b]
An all-white exterior is suitable for any exterior. A white exterior looks neat, clean, and majesty. It is of the most popular colors in the country that many prefers. Homes located in wooded areas tend to appear cozy with a white exterior.
Besides, with a pure white exterior, you don’t need other funny details. The color makes a statement of its own. White catches the eye of many and is one of the true reflection of the American dream.
[b]9. Moss Green/Spanish Moss[/b]
If you like a natural aesthetic, moss green is a perfect color for your house. Moss green is gaining popularity due to its ability to blend with the surrounding. It never gets dull and will always highlight itself in the neighborhood.
Moss green gives an earthy tone and a muted variation.
[b]Bonus: Choosing the Best Exterior House Colors[/b]
Selecting a color theme is a daunting task. You can choose a bright color but fail terribly. This is because you didn’t follow some criteria before reaching to a conclusion.
These are things to consider before settling for a color;
[b]1. Consider Nature[/b]
When choosing the exterior colors of your house, consider the landscape around. Look at the trees, gardens, rocks, pathways, beaches, water, etc.
The beach may suggest some blues while the front garden can inspire some exciting colors. Even how the sun shines can say something about the color that suits your house. Be sure to [url=]learn more[/url] about the environmental aspects of your location.
[b]2. Consider the Neighborhood[/b]
A look at the houses next to you can give you a hint on what to do. Although you need something unique from your neighbors, their colors can count a lot. Choose the color that coordinates with your surroundings.
[b]3. Honor History[/b]
The history of your home says a lot when it comes to painting. The color you choose should have a historically accurate theme. For older houses, you can choose the most corresponding color detail.
If you own a cottage or a Victorian home, you can crosscheck other such houses before making a move.
[b]4. Architectural Details[/b]
The architectural design of your house should give you inspiration for the color combinations of your house. Consider molding, swirls, shutters, windows, doors, sashes, porch decks, and columns.
Depending on the complexity of your house, you can [url=]choose the color combinations[/url]. Too many colors might be uninteresting while too few might be dull.
[b]The Bottom Line[/b]
If you follow the right steps, getting the right exterior house colors should be an easy task. To be outstanding among your equals, choose the right color combinations ideally. Give your neighbors some talking points while enjoying the comfort of your home.
If you have any ideas, be sure to share them in the comments.

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