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Why You Need a Commercial Backup Generator for Your Business

Whether you live in an area that's prone to storms and power losses or if you just believe in the power of being prepared, you've thought about getting a commercial generator.
But, especially given the high cost, you've started to wonder if it's really worth it.
In this post, we'll fill you in on why getting a backup generator for your business is absolutely essential.
From ensuring that you stay available to your clients to keeping your team members safe and secure, you'll be glad you made this investment.
[b]1. You'll Still Be Available for Clients[/b]
[url=]Over 80%[/url] of consumers say that they expect to receive an immediate response when they reach out with customer service questions.
Your customers don't know that you've lost power at the office, and they still expect you to be "on call" for them throughout the business day. When you have a commercial backup generator, you'll be able to make calls and answer emails as you normally would, even if the rest of the neighborhood has gone off the grid.
This leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction and ensures that you don't miss out on calls from your most important clients.
[b]2. You Can Still Generate Revenue[/b]
A lot can happen in an hour.
When Amazon's website went down for just 60 minutes on Prime Day, the retail giant lost about [url=]$100 million in sales[/url].
Even if you don't generate those kinds of profits (yet!) we know that you don't want a power loss to cost you any revenue.
A backup generator for your business ensures that you can still take and make calls to clients, or that you can keep your store's doors open for foot traffic. Sure, an hour or so of lost power might not be a disaster. But imagine if you lost power at your store on a major holiday, where you do about 1/4 of your sales for the year (like Mother's Day at a flower shop.)
This example alone should make it clear why having a backup generator is worth it.
[b]3. You Won't Lose Valuable Data[/b]
There are few things more frustrating than a data loss.
You lose valuable time, you have to contact clients again to get the information that was lost, and the morale in your office takes a serious nosedive.
Avoid all of this by getting a backup generator -- and by working with a hosting platform that backs up your company data throughout the day.
[b]4. You'll Keep Everyone in Your Office Safe...[/b]
We know you make it a priority to keep everyone in your office or store -- as well as your electronics and merchandise -- as safe as possible.
But, especially if you have any kind of an electronic security system or automatic doors, a power outage can leave everyone vulnerable.
You don't want to deal with potential theft or other, more frightening, criminal activity (especially if you keep a good amount of cash in your register.)
Having a commercial generator ensures that everyone can stay safe.
[b]5. And Comfortable [/b]
Of course, keeping your computers running is important.
But trust us when we tell you that none of your employees will be able to function at their best level when the heater or the air conditioning goes out.
Especially if you live in a tough climate, sometimes a loss of AC is enough to send everyone home for the day.
With a backup generator for business, everyone can stay cool or warm while they continue to work.
[b]6. You Can Prioritize Electronics[/b]
Here's the thing: even the most powerful commercial backup generator for companies likely won't be able to power every room and all the electronics in your office (especially if you're a larger business.)
So, this means that you'll need to create a "priority list" of the things that you absolutely can't function without in the event of a power loss. A generator allows you to prioritize your electronics, deciding which ones are the most deserving of power.
Being able to control the specific electronics that will function during a storm is absolutely essential. We think you'd be frustrated if the company refrigerator kept running, while all of your phone lines and computers went down.
Check out this [url=]commercial generator buying guide[/url] to make sure you know how much power you'll need the generator to be able to produce.
[b]7. It Will Switch on Automatically[/b]
The last thing you want to do during any kind of a storm is to go outside and fiddle around with electronics.
Your backup generator will switch on automatically, which means you never have to set foot outside. It also means that you won't experience downtime between when you lose power and when the generator turns on.
[b]Ready to Invest in a Backup Generator for Your Business?[/b]
Having a backup generator for your business means that you'll always be available for your clients, that your employees will be safe and comfortable, and that you can continue to generate revenue during a power loss.
In short?
It's just something that every business, regardless of your size or industry, needs to have.
Looking for other tips on the kinds of electronics and tools that can help to take your business to the next level? Want to ensure that you develop a safety plan, so that everyone in your office knows what to do in case of an emergency?
We've got you covered.
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