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Shower in Style: 9 Stunning Bathroom Renovation Tips

Your faucets are starting to leak and you’re pretty sure that’s rust beginning to form in the bottom of your bathtub. This has you thinking that maybe it’s time for a bathroom renovation.
There is a lot you’ll have to consider when you start your remodel such as what kind of tile you want, if you’re going to get a new bathtub or shower, and where you can afford to splurge. It can be a lot to handle if this is your first full remodel.
To help you get the results that you’re dreaming of, here are a few bathroom renovation tips you should keep in mind.
[b]1. What's the Cost?[/b]
The first step to [url=]Stunning Bathroom Remodeling[/url] is setting your budget. Check and see if there are any simple installations that you can do yourself and go ahead and measure the size of your bathroom so you can get an estimate on what the cost of your materials will be.
Having a plan will stop you from exceeding your budget halfway through your remodel so you won't have to end up cutting costs in areas where you would rather not to.
[b]2. Hide the Porcelain Throne[/b]
Unless you're using it, you're probably going to keep your bathroom door cracked open. Having your toilet visible from the hallway may not do much for you as far as aesthetics go. It can kill whatever mood you're trying to go with anyway.
Consider placing the toilet in a place where it can't be seen if possible. If that's not possible, you can always put a shelf or a cabinet beside the toilet to sort of censor it.
[b]3. Leave Vintage Furnishings [/b]
The point of having a complete bathroom remodel is to get a fresh new look but sometimes it's cheaper to not do that in all areas of your bathroom. Take the bathroom wall tile for instance. Layers upon layers of concrete are used in the installation of older tile.
While you can certainly have this removed to put fresh tile in, it will be a pain to do it so it may bump up labor costs. You may be better off leaving it there and work your [url=]bathroom remodel around it[/url].
[b]4. Take Your Height into Consideration[/b]
You want to be able to do your basic morning bathroom routine comfortably. Doing heavy amounts of bending because you're too tall for your bathroom sink can be quite the strain on the back after a while. You also don't want to have to stand on your tip toes to do anything.
Take this into consideration when you're installing your cabinets, sinks and other fixtures. Most cabinets stand a little over 30 inches off the ground but you may have to do a few adjustments.
[b]5. Save Space with a Corner Sink[/b]
Regardless if your bathroom is itty bitty or not, you'll need a sink. You don't want to have to wash your hands and brush your teeth in the kitchen sink after all. Not all bathrooms can accommodate a huge vanity sink/cabinet combo though.
If you're running into this problem you can save some room by installing a corner sink. It looks just as good as having the huge vanity set up and it won't take up near as much space.
[b]6. Tiny Tub [/b]
Another area where you can save a bit of space is by installing a tiny tub. The biggest concern you may have with this is if you're tall but you shouldn't have to worry too much. Most of these tiny tubs while short, are also very deep so you'll still have somewhere to put your legs.
Not only can you save a little bit of space in your bathroom by springing for a smaller tub but you'll also have more money to put towards other aspects of your remodel because a smaller tub typically equals cheaper.
[b]7. Pick the Best Vanity for You [/b]
When buying your vanity, it can be tempting to get the largest, most luxurious one that the store has to offer. Fight this urge and think about practicality for a moment. If you get one that's too large then the bathroom may be a little clogged in the morning with everyone trying to use the sink at once.
If you get one that's too small, you'll have all your things falling off the counter because you don't have enough space. Get a material that looks nice without much thought and you may be surprised by how much maintenance it will need later.
[b]8. Add a Few Luxury Items into the Mix [/b]
Even if you're working on a budget that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to a few luxurious items for your bathroom. Most of the time your bathroom is the smallest room in the house so if you wanted to pick up luxury tiles for the floor it won't cost as much as putting it in say, your kitchen, because there is less floor to cover.
Go ahead and factor the price of everything. After you've finished your budgeting if you find that you still have a bit of money that you can throw around, upgrade a few places in your bathroom.
[b]9. Convert that Tub You're Not Using into a Shower[/b]
Do you have a tub in your bathroom that's collecting dust because you don't really take baths? You should consider having the tub ripped out and replace it with a shower area.
Making the switch shouldn't be too expensive due to the fact that you wouldn't have to hire a plumber to reroute any of your plumbing to put it in. You would only be paying for the materials for the shower.
[b]Bathroom Renovation Tips That Will Give You the Bathroom of Your Dreams [/b]
Is your bathroom older than you are? It may be time for you to have a complete remodel done. when the time comes we hope that you're able to use some of the bathroom renovation tips on this list to get the bathroom of your dreams while also staying in your budget.
One of the things that you'll likely put the most thought into is your shower. Check out some of these awesome [url=]shower types[/url]!

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