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Red Alert: Top 10 Reasons To Get A Home Security System

You hear a noise.
"Honey, what was that?"
Probably a stray cat outside. But how can you be sure?
With around [url=]2.5 million burglaries[/url] a year, you have good reason to be worried. Is installing an alarm system really necessary though?
Continue reading this article to learn the reasons you should have a home security system.
[b]Why a Security System is a Must for Your Home[/b]
Even if you aren't scared with the statistics we cited above, there are other reasons you should get a security system for your home. You can look through sources like [url=]this complete resource[/url] to find out good options for you.
[b]1. Keep Intruders from Harming Your Family[/b]
Our family's security is the most important thing to us so even if this was the only benefit -- it would be worth it.
Think about not having a security system and someone breaking in and having a run in with your family. Even though most people break in during times they think no one is home, sometimes they make a mistake and people get hurt.
[b]2. Protect Valuables[/b]
You've worked hard to get all the things you have and the last thing you want is for someone to break into your safe place and steal them.
Even if something isn't as valuable to the thieves, they may take things that have sentimental value to you. When thieves are in a big hurry they usually grab as much expensive stuff as they can so Grandma's diamond ring could be on the list even if it has a small diamond.
[b]3. Protect from Fires[/b]
Even if you have smoke detectors, that doesn't mean you're super safe from fire. If you want an early warning then a home monitoring plan with your security system is the best way to go.
In case of a fire, the home monitoring system will be able to alert the authorities and help right away. They can also sense heat vs. only being able to detect smoke.
[b]4. Protect from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning[/b]
Combustion flames have carbon monoxide which is a colorless and odorless gas. That means that you won't be able to sense it at all. Carbon monoxide detectors are a must in your home.
When you have your home monitored, the professionals at the other end of the system will make sure help is on the way whenever there is a problem with carbon monoxide.
[b]5. Peace of Mind for You & Your Family[/b]
One of the biggest things that steal our time and our joy is that we don't have peace of mind. Worry and frustration from feeling out of control can keep us from being happy about our beautiful homes.
When you know that a system of people is looking out for you and your family, no one has to worry anymore.
[b]6. Overwatch for Your Home[/b]
Even if you're not a fan of the CW's Arrow, it is still nice to have your very own Overwatch working for you.
If you're worried about your family while you're gone, you can rest assured that someone is watching over them. These people are professionally trained and can quickly connect your family with the help they need.
[b]7. Homeowner's Insurance Savings[/b]
Who doesn't like savings on insurance? In most cases, homeowners insurance is a required part of getting your new home. The cost of the insurance varies by region, your home value and more.
One of the factors that go into determining how much money you'll pay each month is your home safety. When you have a home security system this takes your risk down which means your premiums can also go down.
[b]8. Remote Home Viewing[/b]
Being able to see what is going on at your home is a powerful tool. If you're worried that your teen is going to throw a party while you're out of town -- worry no more!
You can remotely view your home from an app and see in real time what is going on.
[b]9. Secure Medical Help If Necessary[/b]
If something happens in your home and you need medical help, you can reach out to the monitoring system so they can call the police, an ambulance and any other professionals you might need.
[b]10. Lower Energy Costs[/b]
There aren't a lot of home security systems that offer home automation but if you find a company that does, you can save serious cash on energy costs.
The thermostat is the main thing you want to be able to control but with home automation, you can also control the lights and even some small home appliances.
Ask the company you are considering if they have home automation or if they plan on adding it to their list of services.
[b]Choosing the Right Security System for You[/b]
When you're trying to figure out what security system is right for your home, there are some standard things you need to look for.
Before you take the leap to get your security system, you should ensure that you know what type of monitoring you want. There are different types of monitoring you can choose from which include landline, broadband, and cellular.
If you're going for the most security, you should find a system that monitors you using cellular.
[b]Want to Learn More About Security?[/b]
Now you know more about why you need a security system for your home. You may want to do other things to make your home safe. Continue reading our blog to learn more about home safety and other great topics.

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