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House Water Damage: 5 Tips to Avoid the Worse

Imagine coming home from a family vacation.
You're exhausted and ready to settle in at home. Instead of a welcoming atmosphere, you're greeted by sopping wet carpet.
House water damage is one of the most frequently filed homeowner insurance claims. Check out these five tips to avoid the worse water damage to your home.
[b]1. Check Water Pressure[/b]
When you have high water pressure, it can cause damage to hoses and pipes. Check your water pressure once or twice a year to make sure that it's not too high. [url=]Typical water pressure[/url] ranges from 40 to 45 psi.
You can buy a pressure gauge from your local hardware store to check your home's water pressure. If it's too high, you can adjust accordingly.
[b]2. Check Your Water Bill[/b]
You can avoid home water damage by monitoring your water bill. Is there a sudden spike in water usage that can't be explained? This is an obvious sign that something is wrong.
Don't assume it's a fluke and ignore it. Call a plumber immediately to check for possible leaks that could have caused the bill fluctuation.
[b]3. Regularly Check Faucets and Hoses[/b]
To prevent potential water damage, you should be checking faucets and hoses regularly for leaks. Add this to your annual household inspection list to catch and prevent any issues.
Hoses that connect to appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, or washing machines can get cracks that will cause leaks. If the hoses look old and brittle, you will want to replace them before they cause any damage.
Do you have any leaky faucets? This could be a sign of something bigger. While you're checking the faucets, be sure to check under the sinks to see if there are any water stains. That's a sure sign that something is up.
[b]4. Install Gutter Guards[/b]
The gutters on your home can easily get clogged. When that happens, the water can flow down the side of your home, causing damage to your foundation as well as the siding. To prevent such damage, you can install gutter guards.
Gutter guards are attachments that keep water flowing away from your home. The guards are designed to keep water flowing to the gutter while keeping debris out of the way.
[b]5. Install a Water Leak Detection System[/b]
Small leaks can lead to big plumbing bills. To avoid high-cost plumbing jobs as well as water damage, you should invest in a water leak detection system. A leak detection system can show where a leak occurs so that you can troubleshoot sooner. [url=]Learn more[/url] about how a water leak detection system can save you money.
[b]Protect Your Home and Avoid House Water Damage[/b]
House water damage can be a costly problem. The good news is that many issues can be prevented. When you take certain preventative measures, you can save yourself both time and money while protecting your home.
Do you have any red flags in your home that could signify water damage? Be sure to call your local plumber right away.

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