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The Best Gift Ideas for the Hunter in Your Life

[url=]101.6 million Americans[/url] participate in hunting, fishing, and wildlife activities.
If you are one of the millions of folks who have a hunter to shop for, you may be thinking about getting him a recreational gift he will really treasure for his birthday or a holiday.
Yet gifts for hunters can be hard to find. You won't want to get him something he will never use, or a device or appliance he already has.
Here are some unique presents you can give to the hunter in your life that he will sincerely appreciate.
[b]1. A Paracord Survival Bracelet[/b]
Survival bracelets are wound from 8-12 feet of paracord. They are tools many outdoorsmen and military people have relied upon in a pinch.
The paracord can be used to leave a trail, build a lean-to, or create a trap. In some cases, wounded people have created a tourniquet from their paracords, saving them from serious injury.
Today's survival bracelets come equipped with features like emergency knives, fire-starters, and whistles. Some enable you to make noise in case you get lost.
[b]2. Rifle Case[/b]
Your favorite hunter may be in the market for a new rifle case. Durable plastic is the most popular material for hard cases. They are made with a closed-cell foam inside.
Waterproof cases keep rifles from sustaining damage if the weather does not cooperate.
Soft cases eliminate the need to carry an extra bag since many commonly used supplies can be stored inside their pouches. Many soft cases also offer a degree of padding.
Look for a case with straps that will be easy to carry. Reinforced nylon straps are the most durable. Look for straps that are padded and adjustable.
A rifle case should also be lockable. The TSA requires locking if your hunter travels.
Most hard cases come equipped with a suitcase-type lock. Soft cases have a small keypad lock located on the zipper.
[b]3. A Hunting Bike[/b]
Hunting bikes are built for the specific purpose of hunting. They can transport your hunter, his gear, and his kill quickly and safely to and from the hunting area. Unlike other off-roading vehicles, hunters of any age can use a hunting bike.
Electric bikes, such as [url=]quiet kat[/url], don't make loud noises the way other motored hunting transports do. They are low-impact and have fat tires that maneuver easily over rough terrain.
Foldable hunting bikes are easy to carry. They are lightweight and easy to store.
[b]4. Surplus Ammo Cans[/b]
Surplus ammo cans are made from heavy-duty metal and have a rubber gasket top. Your hunter could always use more.
The cans are also used to store medical supplies, tools, and even food since it is impossible for rodents to get in and out of them. Hunters may also choose to use them to carry emergency flares, batteries, and cables.
[b]5. A Camping Lantern[/b]
Lanterns are a great way to get hunting men through the woods in the dark. They are also great to roast a fresh dinner by.
Camping lanterns provide 360-degree flood lighting. They can be either self-standing or hangable.
Gas-powered liquid fuel models can light up a whole campground. Propane lanterns are also gas-powered, but less weighty and expensive.
Electric lanterns generate power through LED bulbs. They can be powered by batteries or even an outside power source. Electric lanterns are long-lasting, safe, inexpensive, and lightweight.
[b]6. A Headlamp[/b]
Some hunters love headlamps because they help them get through the forest while allowing them to use both hands for work.
Your hunter will appreciate one that is bright, comfortable, and easy to wear.
Headlamps with flood beams are good for up-close work. If your hunter also likes to work on his car, it may serve a great double purpose.
Headlamps with spotlights enable long-distance viewing in the dark. You may want to consider getting a headlamp that switches between flood beams and spotlights if your fella hunts and tinkers with the same passion.
Before purchasing a headlamp, consider such factors as distance, run-time, weight, and brightness. Some of them are water-resistant.
[b]7. A Waterproof Duffle Bag[/b]
Waterproof duffle bags can keep your hunter's gear safe if they are hunting by water, or if the weather is less than favorable. It will keep clothes and equipment dry no matter what he walks or wades through.
Waterproof duffle bags roll up nicely to fit on hunters' bikes or vehicles.
[b]8. A Portable Propane Stove[/b]
A portable propane stove gives hunters a chance to rapidly cook food without having to build a fire first. Propane has a low boiling point, and it works great in cold weather.
You can choose from long canisters or long tanks. Portable stoves also come with different numbers of burners. Some may require igniters, and others don't.
When shopping for a stove for your hunter, look for hinges that double as wind barriers so food cooks evenly. It should also have handles for easy carrying, and be simple to clean.
[b]9. A Solar-Powered Phone Charger[/b]
On sunny days, your hunter won't have to worry about where to plug in his phone. Solar-powered phone chargers work in direct sunlight and can charge a phone in 6-10 hours.
These chargers are portable, lightweight, and easy to pack. Some even come with LED lights.
[b]Gifts For Hunters[/b]
Gifts for hunters are easy to find with a little creativity. Speedy bikes, reliable lights, and durable storage are all great ways to keep your huntin' man happy.
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