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EMP Survival: Why You Should Prepare for an EMP Attack

[img]/images/user/96258_6140487521776753367.png[/img] What if I told you a weapon exists that could destroy our nation's power grid in an instant? Would you believe me if I told you that we're also unprepared and vulnerable to such an attack?
This weapon is an EMP, which is short for electromagnetic pulse.
The technology mimics the sun's ability to disrupt our electromagnetic field. Can you imagine the fallout and destruction of such a powerful weapon?
Read on to get a broad overview of what EMPs are, why you should prepare, and how to get prepped.
[b]The History of EMPs[/b]
What is an EMP? An EMP occurs when a burst of electromagnetic energy damages electronic systems. The charged particles overload the electronic's circuits, which damages the whole system.
The U.S. military first began experimenting with EMPs in 1962. Project Starfish Prime hoped to harness the power of geomagnetic disturbances. So, the military set out to detonate a 1.44 megaton warhead in space.
The experiment was a huge success. Reports show that both street lights and telephone poles got neutralized in Hawaii. The electrical fallout alerted the public about the dangers of EMPs for the first time.
[b]Why You Should Prepare for an EMP Attack[/b]
This type of weapon has only become more of a threat since the 1960s. Society has become more reliant on electronics over time.
Despite that, we haven't put measures in place to shield ourselves from an EMP attack. Why should you invest in learning about EMP survival? Below are the top four reasons to begin preparing now.
[b]1. Our Grid is Vulnerable[/b]
You'd think such an intense threat would get addressed by the government. It was only in 2019 through [url=]President Trump's EMP Executive Order[/url] that the threat got recognized.
[i]Here's an overview of what the order says:[/i]
[ol][li]EMPs can damage critical infrastructure[/li] [li]EMPs affect large geographic areas[/li] [li]The Federal Government needs to prepare a plan[/li] [li]The plan will use information sharing and collaboration[/li] [/ol]The order goes on to list time limits for submitting information to the President. It's clear that EMP attack survival is important to the current administration.
[b]2. Global Tensions Are on the Rise[/b]
Another reason why you should prepare for an EMP is because global tensions are on the rise. With dozens of ongoing wars and rumors of wars, it's only a matter of time before an EMP gets used.
The world is currently caught in a power struggle between globalists and nationalists. There's also a growing tension among the less wealthy.
From yellow vest protests to socialist movements in the US, it's clear change is imminent. Will an EMP strike be the catalyst that initiates a new world order?
[b]3. EMP Chaos Would Be Widespread [/b]
If you think an effective EMP attack would only have local impacts, then you're wrong. An EMP strike has the potential to throw global commerce and stability into a whirlpool.
Here are a few ways that EMP chaos would be widespread:
[ul][li]Damage to the power grid (no electricity)[/li] [li]Communications would suffer (cell phone towers and the internet would fail)[/li] [li]Transportation would get affected (GPS systems)[/li] [/ul]We'll get into more detail about what would happen during a lights-out scenario below.
[b]4. An EMP Could Come from the Sun[/b]
Most of the discussions about EMPs center around weaponry, but an EMP can also come from the sun. In fact, researchers observing the sun were the first to recognize electromagnetic disturbances. How's so?
The sun goes through cycles, and sometimes it discharges flares. These solar flares reach earth and cause the phenomena of the northern lights.
They also cause electrical problems as observed first during the [url=]Carrington Event[/url]. Here's what happened:
[ul][li]During February of 1859, the sun discharged a massive flare[/li] [li]Citizens as far south as Cuba saw the Northern lights[/li] [li]Citizens as far north as Chile saw the Southern lights[/li] [li]Sparks started shooting from telegraph equipment[/li] [/ul]Researchers were stunned. Years later, this power got weaponized. Despite that, a powerful solar flare still has the potential to fry our skies at any point.
[b]What Happens When It's Lights Out?[/b]
It's challenging to imagine a lights-out scenario or a post-EMP world. The best we can do is identify what systems would be most affected by such an incident. Then, we can guess how citizens of the globe would react.
Here's an overview of what could happen:
[ul][li]The power grid would go down in some areas[/li] [li]The internet would stop working[/li] [li]Electronic banking would halt[/li] [li]You would have access to your funds in your bank account[/li] [li]Some vehicles would lose power steering[/li] [li]Running water would stop[/li] [li]Cell phones, TV, computers, and radios would all get damaged[/li] [li]Planes may experience navigational and electrical problems. Some speculate it would cause many to crash out of the sky.[/li] [li]Disabled ability to provide emergency services[/li] [li]Increased looting, violence, and crime[/li] [li]Global instability (potential cause for war, foreign invasion during weakness)[/li] [/ul]Any power grid that's affected is likely to get fried. That means it won't be back up and running for some time.
[b]How to Prep Yourself for an EMP[/b]
After learning this information, you're likely wondering how to prepare for an EMP. Here are X basic steps you need to take now:
[ol][li]Start stocking necessities (food, water, flint)[/li] [li]Make a secret stash of cash[/li] [li]Create an emergency plan[/li] [li]Research [url=]how to protect electronics from EMP[/url][/li] [li]Consider purchasing a Faraday cage for life-saving electronics[/li] [li]Research how to begin a self-sustaining garden[/li] [/ol]Always have an emergency survival plan. It's better to prep for the worst than to perish due to a lack of knowledge.
[b]Are You Prepared?[/b]
An EMP, whether weaponized or natural, has the potential to cause global chaos. It's one of the few things that could impact every facet of our modern-day lives.
An EMP would transport our entire society back into the 1900s overnight. It's crucial to begin preparing for this type of emergency situation now.
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