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7 Breakout New Hairstyles Poised to Be Huge in 2019

Keeping up with the latest hair trends isn't an easy task. It seems like every few months, fashion takes a huge shift in a totally new direction, quickly turning hot looks into old and outdated messes.
That's why knowing which looks are in, and which are out, is an absolute must.
Trying to decide which hairstyle to go with? Looking to debut a new look in the near future?
Well then, you've come to the right place!
In this article, we'll discuss 7 new hairstyles that are on the rise in 2019.
Now then, let's get started!
[b]1. Big and Loud[/b]
What's old is new again.
The return of the "big and loud" hairstyle is slowly becoming all the rage again, and throughout the year, we expect to see this look grow in popularity.
[b]2. The Blunt Bob[/b]
Much like the big and loud look, the blunt bob hairstyle from the '70s is back, thanks to celebs like [url=]Kendall Jenner[/url] sporting the look recently.
The best part about this hairstyle? It looks great on nearly every face type, and the length can be adjusted to perfectly accentuate your bone structure.
[b]3. Straight Hair[/b]
Straight hair has been in style for as long as we can remember and shows no signs of going anywhere anytime soon.
The benefit of straight, long hair is that you can style it in a multitude of ways, and even have fun with color, to show off more of your personality. It's easy to rock a classic top knot if you've got straight hair, which is another hair trend at the moment.
[b]4. Textured Curls[/b]
Big, textured curls look fantastic, and although a bit difficult to maintain, are totally worth it in the long run. Textured curls, especially with bangs, is an absolutely adorable look that almost any woman can pull off successfully.
[b]5. Textured Pixie[/b]
A longer, textured pixie is becoming fashionable, replacing the old-and-dated short pixie hairstyle.
Rocking a textured pixie in 2019 is sure to wow everyone you come across. Like most of the other styles on this list, this particular cut works well with a splash of color, too, if that's what you're into.
[b]6. Grey Locks[/b]
Speaking of a touch of color...
[url=]Grey hair[/url] has been a popular look for the past few years, but thanks to pop star Billie Eilish, the look has picked up some steam in 2019.
It's up to you as to which shade of grey works best for you. There's an infinite number of tones to play with, which is always nice.
[b]7. Pastel Colors[/b]
Regardless of the cut, playful pastel colors are very much the move in 2019.
Pro tip? Combining grey hair with pastel colors can help you create a unique look that you and your friends are sure to love.
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[b]New Hairstyles in 2019[/b]
These are just 7 new hairstyles that are hot in 2019.
Don't be afraid to try a new look, or mix in some fun pastel colors, to create something new and exciting just for you!
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