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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Miata

Fast, convertible, sporty, and compact. Are you imaging a Mazda Miata? You should be!
Think you don't know what a Miata is? Don't worry, you've definitely seen one before. They are the sleek, convertible, European two-seaters that you see in action movies.
If you're interested in a sports car that's classy and sophisticated, buy a Miata! You won't regret your purchase, especially after you see the envious looks you get from others.
Keep reading for the top 10 reasons why you should buy a Miata.
[b]1. Pleasantly Surprising Price[/b]
When you hear "sports car," you probably assume that the price is out of budget for you. Because a sports car is something you only buy when you retire or win the lottery, right?
Wrong! The opposite is true when it comes to a Mazda Miata.
This luxury car has a surprisingly affordable price. Other sports cars cost ~$33,000 and up, while the Miatas start around [url=]a shocking $25,000.[/url]
Even when buying the latest model with cutting-edge technology and perks, you can walk away spending less than 30k! Now that's impressive pricing for quality.
People will think you spent 40k or more, and we can let them think that. Who [i]doesn't[/i] want a luxury sports car that doesn't break the bank?
[b]2. Pleasantly Surprising Leg Room[/b]
Some people love the idea of a sporty car but are also tall, or have a significant other who is tall, and they assume they'd be squished. This aspect alone deters them from buying their dream car.
Looking at a beautiful two-seater Miata — like the Miata Restomod — most people might assume that the interior is cramped. The car is built to be compact and fast like an arrow, but you would be pleasantly surprised by the interior room.
Most drivers are totally fine on leg room inside a Miata. Special care was put into making the interior comfortable, not crowded. You won't want for leg space.
If you want a sports car but aren't sure how you'll physically fit, check out a Miata! You'll be shocked how comfortable you can be.
[b]3. Affordable to Insure[/b]
So you bought your dream car. It's brand new, looks great, has all the latest tech features, boasts some powerful horsepower, fits your special someone, and impresses everyone you know. One problem: you're secretly drowning inside knowing your outrageous insurance payment.
Often times, sports cars are extremely expensive to insure. That's because many are involved in accidents (from speeding, for example), so insurance companies set the rates higher right off the bat.
Miatas, however, are affordable to insure. Insurance companies don't receive many accident claims involving this vehicle, so the rates can be modest.
So, you can pay less than 30k for a luxury sports car, then actually afford to buy enough coverage? What a dream! You won't find many others like it.
Be sure to drive safe, drive the speed limit, drive un-distracted, and take good care of your Miata. That way, your insurance premiums will always be low.
You want your premium to reflect your reliability and competency as a driver. Since your Miata will be so safe and reliable for you, you should drive it that way too.
[b]4. Extremely Fuel-Efficient[/b]
Did you know that Mazda is one of the most fuel-efficient car brands out there? Mazda is interested in the health of the environment, as are Mazda drivers.
You may think that driving a sports car equals paying half your paycheck for gas, but it doesn't have to. The Mazda Miata is admirably fuel-efficient.
The 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata gets [url=]26/35/30 mpg[/url], which is an improvement from even the previous year's model. It includes a few mechanical upgrades that improve its efficiency and exhaust output, like an increased valve lift height.
Whether you want a Miata for cruising downtown, speeding through the mountains, or leisurely driving your neighborhood, its fuel efficiency will serve you.
Some people want a cool, modern car but worry about the environmental impact. No need to worry with a Miata! Each model is more fuel-efficient and exhaust-conscious than the last.
If you like the idea of giving back to the environment and community, you're in the right place with Mazda. Givology is devoted to [url=]giving back to people[/url] and to the earth. You can make the world a better place in more ways than one.
[b]5. It Just Looks Good[/b]
How often do you find a car that is visually stunning and also ages well? With most brands, you have to buy a recent model if you want it to look modern and new. Not the Miata!
Check out this 1995 [url=]Miata Restomod[/url] being restored by Redline Auto Parts. The car is 24 years old and flood damaged, so most brands would be done for. Redline is restoring this car's exterior and interior, and when it's done, classic car lovers will pay great money for it!
The Mazda Miata just looks good. There's a reason you see them in so many movies. Miatas are small and fast, smooth and sleek, [url=]powerful but lightweight[/url].
Not only do they look good right now, but they also age like a fancy wine. No worries about feeling outdated in just a year. If you want to invest in a reliable, beautiful car that'll look classy for years, buy a Miata.
[b]Buy a Miata & You'll Know What It's Like to Drive in Luxury[/b]
Do you love the idea of a sports car but not a sports car's price tag? Do you want a powerful, road-ready car that's also compact and agile? Buy a Miata, and you'll get the best of all worlds.
Want a fast, athletic car that's not impossible to insure? A Miata's reputation for being affordable to insure has got you covered.
Do you dream of driving a luxury car but worry about gas cost? Do you want a fast, modern car but worry about exhaust loss? Mazda is known for its fuel efficiency and environmental consciousness.
If you strive to lead a lifestyle of conservation and improvement, [url=]contact Givology[/url], where you can make a difference in the world —ike the Miata is doing in the car world!

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