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Not Too Late to Save Your Teeth: 4 Benefits of Using a Night Retainer

[url=]5 million people[/url] are wearing braces at any given time. And a retainer is a crucial way to keep the progress you made in check.
However, some people wear retainers at night for different reasons, such as helping them stop grinding their teeth.
In this article, we'll go over some of the amazing benefits of wearing a night retainer, if you need one.
Read on for more.
[b]1. Stops You From Grinding Your Teeth[/b]
Some people have to wear a retainer at night to help stop them from grinding their teeth. This is important if you suffer from bruxism, as it can really wear down the enamel on your teeth and lead to breakage.
Bruxism refers to either grinding your teeth or clenching your teeth so tightly that it can cause damage. Those who suffer from it can not only damage their teeth, but also headaches and jaw ache as a result. Some people even report having migraines from grinding their teeth.
If you're worried about your bite, speak to your dentist about your bruxism and the possibility of wearing a night retainer. You may also want to wear one during the day time during stressful periods if you find that this doesn't fully stop you from damaging your teeth or causing headaches.
While night retainers can significantly help people who suffer from bruxism, they aren't a cure. Some people who wear night retainers find that they're still suffering from headaches and other issues as a result. In that case, the night retainer works to protect the teeth and enamel from further damage down the line.
[b]2. Straightens Your Teeth[/b]
While many people wear the traditional train track braces, there are a growing number of individuals that prefer to wear invisible braces. The most known brand is Invisalign.
With this system, you'll wear a serious of progressive retainers for most of the day and night time. These retainers will slowly move your teeth into the correct positioning.
If you decide to go for the [url=]Invisalign system[/url], or something similar, you'll wear your retainer both at night and during the day. But, they're clear, so they're difficult to notice.
This way, you can have the luxury of having straight teeth without having to look like you're wearing braces.
[b]3. Keeping Headaches at Bay[/b]
Night retainers can also work for people who suffer from frequent headaches. People may suffer from frequent headaches due to the placement of their jaw, or the way their teeth align. They may also suffer from headaches due to bruxism.
Those who have extreme issues with this may also end up having migraines, which can cause even more distressing symptoms and can last for days at a time.
A night retainer can keep your bite in line during the night so that your mouth doesn't shift around. This will help keep your teeth and bite in a more natural position so that you don't develop headaches or other problems.
Keeping your teeth, or bite, in a better position can also help prevent you from grinding your teeth.
[b]4. Keeps Your Smile Straight After You've Had Braces[/b]
Most people know of retainers because they're given to you after you've had braces. Although they don't cause the pain of braces, nor do they look like braces, they're still an appliance that you have to wear in your mouth.
Depending on when you've had your braces removed, you'll likely need a night retainer to help keep your teeth from shifting too much. If you don't wear your retainer as instructed, you could risk having your teeth shift to where they were before the braces, making the whole process null and void.
Your orthodontist will likely tell you how long to wear your retainer for immediately after you have your braces removed. This will likely be longer at the beginning, and you'll cut down on wear as time progresses. After a while, you'll only need to wear your retainer at night.
After a long while, you may not need it at all.
[b]Looking After Your Night Retainer[/b]
Retainers aren't cheap, so you'll want to look after your retainer to protect your investments: both your teeth and your appliance.
Your orthodontist will tell you how to clean your retainer, and it is important that you do so as often as possible. Germs and other bacteria can attach to the retainer, which could possibly make you ill.
You'll also want to make sure you take steps not to lose your retainer, as they're awfully expensive to replace.
If you're someone who has a hard time keeping track of things, you may consider ordering [url=]retainer replacements[/url] to make sure you don't lose track of your dental appliances.
This way, if you do accidentally lose it, or you leave it somewhere after a vacation, you'll have a replacement immediately. You won't need to worry about undoing all the hard work you and expense you went through to get your straight pearly whites.
[b]Saving Your Teeth[/b]
Your night retainer can help save your teeth from further chipping or damage done by bruxism or grinding. But, it's also an important part of ensuring your teeth stay straight after you've had braces. Protect your investments: wear your retainer as often, or even more, than your orthodontist has prescribed.
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